Outbox, innovating in the most everyday: the postal mail

Outbox, innovating in the most everyday: the postal mail
Outbox, innovating in the most everyday: the postal mail

Today I have received an invitation from Joshua Baer, founder of OtherInbox and one of the investors in Outbox, a project created by a former Facebook and former HBS, and I must confess that the first impression left me a little confused, because at beginning did not fully understand very well what exactly these people are dedicated. But once understood, watching this video, I have been very surprised by the invention.

The startup of just six months, it has set a goal allow better access to your postal mail ie, create a digital inbox as you have for e-mail, but letters, bills, coupons, extracts banking, cards and everything that comes to you via physical. In other words, they want to take charge to digitize an input source of information, so far, no one had thought, and even though today we use email every day. We still have a mailing address where all arriving shipments. And whether many or few, actually its management from my point of view is a delay by its low efficiency.

The curious thing about this solution reminds me in some respects to Spanish projects as: Tiendeo or Ofertia, where instead of betting on a radical leap to digital, is digitized something that still works off line, bringing it to digital, but keeping part of its essence off line on a compromise solution, but it works. Or on the other hand also reminds me backwards but perhaps they give us options printing systems as Igrbook to bring the physical world our digital memories to make them real.

For Outbox, with its iPhone and iPad app and web version (online demo), seek with a clean and very usable interface, which also closely resembles reality, so you have access anywhere and at any time in your postal mail more easily.

In addition with great advantages, because you can sort the mail, remove the subscriptions that do not interests you more, so if you decide you want to get physically at home, set reminders of unpaid bills, and ultimately, you can manage your physical mail as if the e-mail is involved. The only question I have, is how access our email, and that agility is done all the scanning and stuff, but of course if the idea may seem crazy, implementation should not be easy either, and if done right as it seems, can be very successful indeed.

Would you like to try? What you see better or worse than the idea?


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