Join vision of future and present in your startup

Join vision of future and present in your startup
Join vision of future and present in your startup

When you create your startup for the first time, as an entrepreneur you face many challenges, mostly new and somewhat difficult to resolve, simply because you’ve never done before like. You may have read, have observed, have learned in class theory, have had experience in other companies, or whatever you want, but face it by yourself, it’s different because that is the reality, and you have to to be the protagonist to take the reins and he who hits at all times with the best possible decision.

In this challenge, one of the most complex, at least one that I’ve always had present, and when you go to launch a startup, work to maintain and grow your business. I mean combining two basic needs, on the one hand, stay as you are, or rather try to always grow, and secondly, never lose the vision.

Any startup born with the aim of offering the market something different and innovative, and and it is natural to evolve, because it is in their DNA, and often the day-to-day management of daily tasks, to overcome difficulties and adversities that may come , can make you lose focus for a moment on your destination.

This is something possible and likely to happen, but we must avoid at all costs, because on one hand must obviously be maintained or improved, but then you have to be clear about your goal always to work always on the line to reach her, and without curves.

Also, if your goal is ambitious, it may not be easy to get there, and that’s what he does, which by the way can you sidetrack, and come when you can discourage, and that certain circumstances you focus on excess at the time, without attention to the need on the target.

For this reason, you should from time to time to review the current status of the achievements to date and to highlight what still needs to get to where you wanted to then re-establish the road map, and mark each of the milestones to be undertaken to get you where you want to be tomorrow to start working then at number one, as if it were the first and the first time, then go for two, and so to continue with the rest .

And it is very likely that at any given time, you realize that your goal is no longer what it was, that at the beginning the way you started, almost by accident has re-drawn in part your trip, and is likely to happen to you because the more you walk, the farther you want get, and also know how to do. So do not fear, for as long as you keep moving while the goal, although this evolves, you know you’re doing it right.



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