The premium advertising and other

The premium advertising and other
The premium advertising and other

On the Internet we are experiencing an accelerated process, in which each day is more complex sell advertising as before: manually.

Large newspaper mastheads, radio, television and magazines since forever, they were used to having big sales departments in which advertising was sold one by one, as in a traditional market, deals were made, they haggled prices, great discounts proposed , and which therefore was an important human component, so that’s inefficient.. but for lack of anything better, managed to give value to the media, and make the most out of publishing header, making costumes tailored for each advertiser and offering what best met their needs.

Over time and the advent of the Internet these headers publishers have had to go in a different environment, where every day is prioritized performance only, and at this juncture, and where the brand value, the prestige of appearing on a given site, ad hoc formats, and therefore what is known as premium advertising seem to have no place. At least as it was in the past.

Meanwhile, for these institutions publishers, besides being in a different place, such as online, and thus certainly feel disoriented. They are competitors everywhere, is that anyone with a little interest, can be created a blog and having their own online media, both competing for the same advertising pie. Although there is increasing competition, because everything online trading already, therefore investment in marketing to get customers. Every day most also happens to be online, it is true that there are more alternatives in media where appear.

But on the other hand, the rise of many new media, is really just a trend promoted by the evolution of the Internet, and largely sponsored by who cares that change, who does not have its own inventory, or do not have distinct type, but rather common inventory without a clearly defined and segmented audience, or an audience with a minimum of quality, in terms of advertising.

That’s when everything seems inevitably to a single destination, that of ad exchanges. Digital giant markets of sale in real-time bidding, managed by sophisticated algorithms, which bought and sold volume of advertising by price, and where the display is just that advertising impacts without more, that a sad figure.

When, surprisingly just happen efficient alternative to getting old process of marketing the premium sites without much investment of sales resources as before. So that it is possible for advertisers appear in certain places exclusive and/or a single segmentation being different from the rest, and efficiently achieving its sales target, plus others, without being sales are also essential.

And the economics of the long tail is a reality, but this does not negate the quality and capacity of segmentation of the stage, only to corner, but lets try to see its benefits and potential beyond just sales, going to introduce few terms in the equation, which simply data analytics and cold, sometimes just do not understand and therefore justified. But it will come.



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