Not the same thing a fan, than a friend on Facebook

Not the same thing a fan, than a friend on Facebook
Not the same thing a fan, than a friend on Facebook

On Facebook, as many of you know, there are two distinct entities users and fan pages, and even now the button says: “Like” instead of “Become a fan” Facebook pages are still fan pages all effects, only so lowered the level of commitment necessary to add followers.

If you have a business, a project, you’re a public figure, you have a blog, etc., you should create you one Facebook page and keep her, because in Facebook is the appropriate way and where your community grow.

So, as I have been saying here, the blog with Twitter and Facebook are an inseparable trio and you have to take care of what you can create community around the blog, so you have to be aware of certain differences between a fan and a friend in Facebook.

When you create a Facebook page, people you like, you can become a fan or follower by clicking on the button “Like” and there are several ways to increase these fans of your site, from advertising, the tool to invite friends, etc.

Fans of the page will receive in your wall updates to these and be in touch with developments, but being a fan of a page is not a reciprocal action, because the page does not need to follow you because can not do it nor to accept your request and that just press the Like button is enough.

User profiles, in contrast, when we requested to be his friends to a user require that person accepts the invitation, having from the time a relationship of equal, of “friendship” between the two users. So both will see all of the other.

In addition, personal profiles also have the option to “Follow”, if activated from our setup. It is designed for these people who even being a public figure, or someone just that share things of interest, does not have a fan page because he will not spend the time required to manage the page.

In such cases, the option to “Follow” allows the follower to keep up with their updates, without the person having to accept invitations followed reciprocal to follow what he does, especially invitations in people who are not your friends.

If instead of a fan page, you create a personal user account for a business or blog, as I have ever seen, in addition to risk getting your account deleted by Facebook and lose all the achievements, you will not be using in network properly, and will have collateral consequences.

To start you will not have statistics on the evolution, which will not allow you to measure your marketing actions and understand that works more or less, you can not make investments in this respect and will be limited.

In addition and equally important for the entity API Facebook profile and page are very different things, so they have different characteristics and properties. By that I mean that for example when using external applications like Hootsuite, you can not manage it as you should, because it is a page, using rankings / tops can not do well because you have a page but a user and in many cases does not work profiles. In others, the information is different because not even have the same tables and fields can not equal the value you invite someone as a friend and I accept, that will follow as a fan because you like.

Finally, a user can have multiple pages managed by a user, and within them manage permissions for multiple users, something important to keep in mind. If instead of page, you had a profile should share password or worse, losing all control and management capabilities they offer pages.

And just saying that although it may seem to be a user in your business instead of a page can have advantages as move more freely through the network being proactive and involved with actions as another userin the long run is a strategy that only can turn against you and as I lose everything worked so far so I would not recommend at all.

Do you know more differences that I have left? What other advantages to make proper use of each entity?



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