The relationship between innovation and trend

The relationship between innovation and trend
The relationship between innovation and trend. Image from Wikipedia: (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Permanence is something of the past, today the changing environment is the new normal, market dynamics, society and everything around us are increasingly to CHANGE in capital letters.

But unlike the permanence that is predictable, because as noted by the word remains, changes can not be anticipated, at least not always, reveal only a small trail before them, which is what we call trend.

These trends portend changes are often insignificant details that occur spontaneously, and that are imperceptible to most, and that only continuous observation of the environment and a great deal of hypersensitivity and permeability around us can be detected.

To capture these trends when they are just emerging and see what the consequences may bring if they grow, it is vital to get ahead of them and answer them when suddenly a reality that has completely changed the status quo that existed at that time.

Big changes in the industry and the music industry or publisher could have been detected to react in time, but large corporations and often clumsy vitiated mechanism in the adoption of the new.

If we talk about innovation, is a modification of a product or service in a way that makes it more efficient or respond better to market demand, but this will not be possible unless we take into account the current market and especially the future.

Hence, between innovation and trend changes a close relationship, and if you intend to do innovation or be innovative need to know the field you want to direct it to understand its dynamics, unmet needs or gaps to exploit.

To do this, blogs are the place where everything happens, where all the latest news and especially new views, and where the trendsetters establish these small seeds that predict future changes.

Following these hot spots is easier to envision any of the possible futures that may occur, and instead of waiting for the coming of the change and have a stumble, you can be part of it causing it to happen and bring your vision, and is also one of the protagonists of the new trend and eventually resulting change.

Want to be predicting the future? Why do not you invent?


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