Not only posts needs your blog

Not only posts needs your blog
Not only posts needs your blog

When you approach blogging in addition to for pleasure because you want to enjoy reading, learning, writing and sharing the themes that you like. Sometimes you do also with an additional professional or corporate goal. And in those cases, the result of what you get with your dedication to the blog matter in another way.

If like me, you you put it a bit more seriously and begin to change the frequency of writing, “..when I want and can..”, which is usually very occasionally, or almost never, as most of us happens. To something like: “..I will write daily in two languages​​..”, things change. Because in addition to enjoy more of the blog, of what you learn, what brings you what you do, little by little the blog is more important in your daily tasks, but with practice it will occupy just 45-50min a day, is a normal time as grateful to see rewarded.

But it turns out that when you have higher workload, although follow yourself devoting time to writing the blog post as before, it may not be enough. While you take notice simple daily routine, you can also fulfill. And while the audience views as not stop growing, etc.. Social networks associated with the blog as: Facebook and Twitter with a daily post are well fed, but for them it’s just basic food, and really need to participate to truly give you all that I can give.

The proof of this is that despite writing daily from question of work that I can not almost get into Twitter and Facebook as I used to, my post has somewhat less impact, less retweeted, and less likes , and consequently, has relaxed slightly the number of new followers per day.

It is normal, so be it, because you have to plant and collect social media especially so, and not just have to dedicate yourself to try to create quality content and often, and you must be an active member of your community, multiple ways: by responding to comments, like I do on the blog, to the emails that readers send me, as I do, but you must not neglect any part of your community, because if you notice it, and you will to return to pamper same as from the first day.

So I conclude by saying, as you see from my own experience, I advise you not neglect or forget to take care and pamper your community and prevents feel abandoned because if you do you will notice. For my part I will try to get my usual pace to return to pamper you as you deserve.

What do you think? Did you something happened like this? Do you agree with me? or against You think there are other more important factors I’m ignoring?


2 thoughts on “Not only posts needs your blog

  1. I completely agree with you. You can sometimes become very busy, and having a bilingual blog takes a lot more work. I never thought of it as “pampering your community.” But, I will see it this way now. 🙂


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