Decathlon, successful case in product marketing

Decathlon, successful case in product marketing
Decathlon, successful case in product marketing

The sport supermarket chain: Decathlon, that all know, was born in France in the 70s, with the help of its founder Michel Leclerq with the concept of: “Bringing all sports under one roof, to best possible price on self-service format“. Today is a multinational company worldwide with over 50,000 employees and more than 500 stores.

But what interests me is to analyze current marketing strategies and understand why it is growing steadily in Spain in particular, in times of crisis, thanks to a perfectly executed marketing actions and based on what we call marketing product.

Product marketing, unlike other companies that conduct such as could be Apple, it is not just a matter of making the best possible product, and always position by quality. What they do is thtat their marketing Decathlon begins with the definition and creation of their products, so are products that match with current trends, which are in line with the needs of his potential clients in many ways and that is reward.

Let’s analyze it by one of its many products.

Tilt Folding Bike: A clear present trend towards respect for nature, healthy living, ecological, especially in urban environments that leads to raise awareness for not using the car much and use alternatives such as public transport and healthier as cycling because in addition to it is in sports. Well, with this folding bike Tilt combine both needs clearly, allowing you to use the bike for sports and public transport at a time, with a bike you can get on the subway, bus, or wherever, so the system folded with pop-up in 1 second, and once on site deploy and use it to get anywhere.

Bikini 2 pieces + pack customizable: Today we can see a clear trend towards the preference to customize everything. Custom fashion allows us more our what we buy and that matches our personal and unique style. Also in the times we are looking at the economy and savings. In the case of this bikini, Decathlon attacks the two hot spots and offers two pieces that are sold separately, so you can buy one of each, or two pants and a top, or vice versa, mix options multiplying, and surely saving, and topped with a pack that customizes the threads and details, so that each girl can do all your own bikini, or pair make 4 or more final models.

Artengo Set Rollnet: The desire to play sports or do any activity can come anywhere and when you least expect it, but we move so much as today, so if you combine ping pong network that adapts to any surface blades and balls in one case that we can carry with us any trip, we will have without spending the big bucks is worth a ping pong table whole can enjoy the sport always wherever we go, with a little imagination. Again combining several current trends with a powerful solution.

These are just three simple examples, but if you look at every product that really stand out are designed to appeal to a specific audience with a clear preference, and although they may not be the highest quality, known to respond to what the public demand and if combine it with this simple and fun ads that connect and explain at least part of their success.

Do you like Decatlon for this? Do you think it right with this type of strategy? Is there a similar example of their product that you want to highlight?



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