Tagger articles properly, leaving our bias

Tagger articles properly, leaving our bias
Tagger articles properly, leaving our bias

When you write on a blog, normal and most widespread is that you approach a topic in depth, and if you talk about some other issues, it is only superficially. Or if you treat several topics in the blog, are all within a common field. Otherwise, if the blog does not have a clear thematic focus, chances are that your audience does not know which frame the blog, and not so easily encouraged to subscribe to it, and therefore more difficult you make it grow fidelizing that hearing.

In this type of theme blogs, which as I say are the most usual, using tags (labels) to tagger our posts, thinking about:

  • The Reader of WordPress.com, where an entire community of thousands of users browsing to find your favorite content.
  • Searchers, where each tag is a new bait to capture a return visit and perhaps a potential reader runs as underwriter.

We use all kinds of keywords, with 2 possible features:

  • Can be found in the content of the article or are a variation or derivative of the word that can be found in it. That is the usual way we use most.
  • Not being a of the words of the post, are generic concepts or words we can frame the article for more general and less specialized.

This second category is almost used, and allows us to reach an audience less specialized, although in principle it may not seem all that we seek, but it turns out that besides being very grateful, it’s true and enable us to grow the community blog because probably come to your blog rather than other blogs which do not fall in to use this resource.

But nothing like a clear and simple example to understand it well.

In this blog, I talk about: Marketing, Social Media, Internet, Innovation, entrepreneurship, ideas, etc. .. and attempt to analyze the sector currently online, share and explain things I learn and I find useful, sometimes I speak on topics of strategy, etc.. But when a very niche article like this, put very specific tags, such as:

keywords, tagger, keyword, audience, increase audiences, boost visits

What are some tags in the first group, because we find in the post and also can be searched by a potential user. But also combine it with some of the second group and add something like:

marketing, online marketing, social media, social media optimization, SMO

We will be getting potentially reach two types of profiles, which know what they want and what we can offer, and those who can unknowingly they discover a truly valuable material more easily and become followers of the blog.

So I do not say more, just let this differentiation that as you begin to be aware also that the tagger you leave our bias can be very beneficial.

Do you use it already? Do you give good results? Anything to add or correct me?



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