Flickr, and the FREE Terabyte as a marketing strategy

Flickr, and FREE Terabyte as a marketing strategy
Flickr, and the FREE Terabyte as a marketing strategy

Marissa Mayer currently CEO of Yahoo, which lately I have spoken a few times around here, has again hit the mark with a simple and effective action in her marketing strategy. Reminds me the one carried out from Google (her former employer) to launch Gmail in 2004 with this amazing claim: “1 Giga FREE” when all suffered the limitations of Hotmail and Yahoo Mail This cornered the market web email until today.

Flickr has always been the social photo sharing service par excellence, long before the emergence of alternatives like: Pinterest, Instagram and 500px, with few differences. But a while now, due to poor management by Yahoo, Flickr was stagnant and not moving. So much so, that any online service to share photo again and newcomer, was able to overshadow it, and gradually had lost virtually all its charm.

But interestingly, with “just a number” has managed to draw attention and get back in front of all the media talking about his daring. That is only 1 TB offer FREE, ie 1,000 photos gigas storage at no cost. And if we look good, we see that it was a great move.

On the one hand, the cost of storage has continued to lose forever. In addition to Yahoo, one of the largest Internet companies in the world, this point should be particularly easy to manage.

On the other hand, before offering something, some calculations have been made before, and has been as we have seen in previous cases, that one thing is the striking fact that is the whole world, and another is the reality.

Even you who read this, if you get a terabyte to upload photos, you’ll hardly fill in your life. Although you will attract a lot of attention, as did Gmail, and today, with the intensive use I give myself, I have not reached their limit (although it will increase long).

Even the most heavy users think they rarely come, and doing a few or very few, the cost in terms of cost of Yahoo, well worth the play cool and free promotion achieved. And especially is valuable idea generated in the minds of potential users in Flickr have infinite space, and can be the ideal destination to upload your pictures.

When compared with Google, today offers only a sad 15Gb free, and if you want 1 TB, you have to pay $ 49.99. Also you should share this space with all the services of the company in Drive, so it is actually much less space.

Together with this newly launched mobile app that is a joy, and its full redesign, so will can wait that Flickr really a second chance after all. And in large part, thanks to a marketing strategy, which no offense, is part of smart simplicity, but above all cunning.

Do you like the new offering from Flickr? Do you think you were successful with this offer and has distanced himself from the competition? What can we learn from these strategies for our business?


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