The next advertising business after mobile

The next advertising business after mobile
The next advertising business after mobile

The personal computer over time has been changing shape. From resemble a book, to get into our pockets in the form of mobile. But it also purpose, the computation and store information, to allow us to edit documents or communicate, to finally do whatever, but always connected.

He became first laptop, and then at mobile or rather, on smartphone, during the road has created tremendous business get a commercial both in media and advertising, because at present the use and consumption of mobile phones continues to grow, and use them almost more than the desktop computer.

Then came hard tablets and “large phone” .. in which even if the call is the last of its features, continue allowing Internet access that is important in the new paradigm.

But there is still a way to come, and that with the continued trend of increasing size reduce computing power every appliance, utensil, etc. go become a smart-whatever, since as the Google Glass glasses, watch, it seems that Apple will take your iWatch, to smart TVs, smart refrigerators passing, smart clothes, .. and not know what else to do “smart”..

In any case, after the mobile and tablets, the next goal to conquer, I think it will clearly be the TV, but I do not mean with some accessory devices as now, even though Apple has sold over 13M units Apple TV only in the last six months. Because at the end like the Google TV and Microsoft’s Xbox and Kinect, are still accessories that usually buy mainly early-adopters, but that still does not enjoy the public on a massive scale.

When this happens, and have Internet on TV is a daily, not only will be a clear breakthrough in many aspects, and break once and for all the digital divide. Also will be a tremendous advertising business because Internet will truly entering the salon of all households and the lives of people, no matter their status, economic and cultural level, sex and age, culture or any other bias. And in that environment, any of the products are still sometimes now relegated to those who know about computers, or at least use a computer or smartphone, and the Internet will reach everyone.

This will have to be overcome yet, both at the level of use, as many barriers consumption level of usability and simplicity, but with the phone will be available to all market of a size never seen before. In innumerable emerging business opportunities, and a new mass medium, digital (interactive) and large screen at our disposal.

Do not you look spectacular possibilities are just around the corner? What ideas do you think you can succeed more in this new environment?



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