Empathy in Marketing

Empathy in Marketing
Empathy in Marketing. Photo by Geoff Jones (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

In terms of marketing, and commercial levels, we must cultivate certain skills and sensibilities, which will help us achieve our goals, in a much more direct. These skills are clearly outstanding empathy.

Empathy, according to the Royal Spanish Academy is:

Mental and emotional identification of a subject with the mood of another.

Empathy, according to Wikipedia is:

..cognitive ability to perceive in a common context what another individual may feel.

In the end, is know put ourselves in the place of the other person to deliver what he needs, is to feel as your customer will feel, put yourself in their shoes to see the situation from their eyes.

Who practices and exercises that ability, is able to connect with his customer better, either in an advertisement, an interview commercial, or technical support. Because, to put in place, you begin to see that what you say to him/her is probably meaningless, it does not matter in the least, or more, than directly bothers him. And therefore, if you understood what it says without saying, and what it intends when he says what he says, you would get better reach your goal. Whether you convey your message, or explain the features of a product, or solve you the issue in the best way possible.

In our day to day on AdLemons, I see it all the time, and it is not an easy issue to resolve, not to learn, but constantly improve and perfect will.

How do you take out?

When you go to a business meeting, you should look for before you can about that customer. In your CRM, if already a customer, to remember that he has already spoken. In a search to see that their social networking profiles, Linkedin, etc, on their website, if available, to see how he communicates, sells, which highlights for himself etc.. That way, you know more than him, and you understand that might interest in your product, so that it can stand out and can throw straight back to avoid it.

When you go to make a piece of advertising, or write a post on your corporate blog, you should have asked or investigated before your customers or audience about their needs and tastes, then you may not always need to ask, and be a sponge when you talk to them , or read what they say, so that every time you interact with each other, to take note of what hurts, worries, intrigue, motivated, excited, etc.. So every time I start to write a text that will have him/her as a target, use that knowledge that comes as a bespoke suit and feel as comfortable as possible.

When you give telephone support, or by mail, as happens to us with the platform, each letter that the user types says something more than the individual, and suggests to you to put in place, and interpret the text again he has written, or the call, making sense in his view. In this way you will avoid misunderstandings, and even bigger problems and the user will feel understood and therefore grateful.

These small details will probably be closer to you, show you understand who you speak, because you have made ​​the effort to be them for a moment, and that to get it, you’re closer than anyone has been before. And of course also will feel it as well, you will be rewarded for it.

Do you practice or attempt to carry out the empathy? Do you take much to get it, or you think you’ve improved over time? Do not know even the concept? And now that I know .. Do you go to look for?


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