DuckDuckGo has dedicated me an Easter egg

DuckDuckGo has dedicated me an Easter egg
DuckDuckGo has dedicated me an Easter egg

Sometimes a small thing we do can have a big effect on others, depending on who comes from the action, and what it means for us. Well, today I’m really surprised and extremely flattered by the wink that has bothered me, to me, a simple user among thousands of lots, my favorite search engine, for more than a year when I found out. DuckDuckGo I mean, the best current alternative to Google.

Maybe it’s a common thing to make to more users, but from what I’ve seen in his timeline, it seems that they have not done before. What certainly is a great detail on his part. And so, after a tweet in which he showed a screenshot of what clearly impossible and unpleasant that Google is becoming lately..

Google is getting closer to a SPAM-search engine, which only shows advertising or product but themselves, so that the actual results are relegated to the end, to the point that almost disappear from the screen, as you can see in the image of the tweet, the only real result is the ultimate bottom left on my screen.

Well, in response I received this tweet from they:

Who does not know an Easter egg is a piece of code inserted into a program with hidden messages or capabilities that make applications, games or web pages to behave in a special way. More info here.

And I have spent so you can see if you search my user (the one I use everywhere): ivarsmas in DuckDuckGo, you will see that appears in the lower right corner my avatar on Twitter and other social networks. Yes, I know it can be irrelevant to others, but that a search engine is taken such hassles to thank something and in a manner so geeky, it’s amazing, and more for a programmer like me. So as you will understand, I had to comment here. 🙂 Thanks DuckDuckGo.


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