Why I love Internet

Why I love Internet
Why I love Internet

I’ve always been an observer, I was thirsty for knowledge, to learn more, to see different things, so why I like to travel. I get bored with monotony and braindead, I love being over exposed to new, to ideas that will work in my mind and be active and in constant turmoil.

When I lived in my town had the feeling that the time is not passed, nothing happened, that the world was not moving. Then I discovered a door with direct access to the World, where was ALL, and where I could be aware of the changes, learn and improve my knoweledge, this gate was called: Internet.

Internet changed my life, because it has the unique ability to offer every day of my life, every time I connect, something that surprised me, bother me, unveil me, surprised me and make me think other possibilities.

The network of networks has the amazing ability to regenerate itself billions of times per second, based on new information, content, news and knowledge that each and every one of us bring, publish, share, especially and from relatively som times ago, thanks to social media.

I believe that the Internet, that macro cross-communication network that connects humanity as never before, is and will be one of the most important changes that be able to live as a human ever, that’s why I love, and I enjoy so much , because I love anything that gives me and what it will mean to everyone.

Furthermore I have the chance to work on the Internet and enjoy, bringing together my work with one of my passions, which I am aware that not everyone can do.

I do not know if all you see it like me, probably not. But after telling you one of my passions, I would love to know if you identify with me or if you think different.

Update: I just found out now that today is World Internet Day, so after surprised by the coincidence .. I mention here, because it’s very timely my article ..



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