Your advertising define to you, practical example: Idealista and Globaliza

Your advertising define to you, practical example: Idealista and Globaliza
Your advertising define to you, practical example: Idealista and Globaliza

When we want to achieve a business objective, such as increasing sales or increasing the number of registered users, and between marketing actions we do, is that of advertising. We have to pay close attention, because in addition to advertising intended purpose, is a way to reach many people, so if we do not really consider and care to detail, can have several consequences.

Because when we do an advertising campaign, we are not only making an investment to get some specific results, such as increase sales for example. Also implicitly in the same action, we transmit our image and identity in every detail in ad work. That picture of us who show others in the ad as we are and should be the way we want them to see us as we really is as we are showing in the eyes of others.

As a small practical example, but certainly not the best, and I hope you do not take it the wrong way, because it is not my intention, we see two online display advertising campaigns, from two Spanish internet real estate portals, made in Spain.

For one Globaliza (which was thought fit who made ​​writing this post to remember the other) with the ad you can see below:

300×300 Globaliza (Click for animation)
300×300 Globaliza (Click for animation)

A regular animated banner with a picture and extremely simple with the message:

Search house is an adventure

Explore with us!

Start now

On the other the bet of a leader as

They opt for a composite video animation photographs also with fresh music in his spot entitled “Pilladas” with the message of the voiceover:

Find yourself a home!

Get in Idealista,

leading real estate portal.

Behind every piece, there are different investments, obviously, but not only economic resources but time and dedication. But above all, we can see different implicit messages that define each of the brands, coming at a time very different audiences. And regardless of the effectiveness of each, and whether marketing objectives have been met, or if the ROI has been adequate, that it would give to write several articles, I wanted to highlight the extent to which a piece of advertising, you can say between the lines things it does not say, forming the end the whole message, and therefore the image of the brand behind it.

What do you think? What did you like most? Or for that bet if you were responsible for one of these sites?



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