Write your blog for people, search engines will find it

Write your blog for people, search engines will find it
Write your blog for people, search engines will find it

Probably for more than one the title seems obvious, but I can assure you that based on what I’ve seen, and the feedback I got more than once, It’s not so. The excessive and increasing obsession that exists for the “SEO”, means that sometimes it gets to the point that does not take into account people. It turns out that while users find us through a search engine, if they come to the blog and do not like what they see, can hardly retain the user to return.

We should note that normally:

The post better positioned usually receive the most visits through search engines, but also are the least comments received.

Which is not surprising, because when an article is written specifically for search engines, if positioned well, you can get a lot of traffic, but traffic will probably not interested in the blog, but by a defining specific content in a timely manner, so it most likely that he will not come back. Therefore, the more you work more on the SEO aspect, the more you encourage your dependence on search engine, because when it fails or change its criteria, you will be lost.

Conversely, if what we do is write thinking on users who read us. Whether they come to typing directly to the blog url in the address bar of their browser, follow us subscribed by the blog feed from their feed readers, or, from their inboxes subscribe to the blog by email, or also by social networks. Probably get more loyal audience, and especially recurrent and with less effort. In this way getting traffic, not depend on the fluctuations of third party algorithms, as with the search engines, therefore that audience will be increased as each new user is added to the already fans.

When I say this, I mean not only the structure of the articles, not to disappoint in the article regarding the title, or the choice of keywords, also the entire blog itself, and the topics addressed in the content, and even the order of the same, so that hooks the reader true, and it always makes them want more and better.

Coupled with this, always good to remind these readers, you can subscribe to the blog via different routes, especially via mail and feed. As can you do on this blog you are reading now.


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