The observation of trends in marketing

The observation of trends in marketing
The observation of trends in marketing

Today on the subway, I looked around and saw a girl with no earrings, and I thought, that day by day this is something more common. Long ago this was not so, before there was a clear difference in the use of this accessory by gender, but today, there is not a line so clear. So I went a little further with the observation, to deepen and see how far it was no longer as before. I observed more people and did a mini study of people around me, with surprising results.

From 10 people and ladies, 7 were not wearing earrings, and the other 3, yes. What left me really surprised. In the group had both young girls, very young, older people, women and even an elderly, so a little bit of everything. Then I went to the opposite sex and 10 people between boys and men, I have three that had an earring, from style rocker, or punk, until David Beckham style with little rhinestones. The remaining 7 had no hole or slope or earring. Although to be fair, one wearing a piercing just above the usual place.

As can imagine, this silliness got me thinking. And although even seems for most of us women often wear earring, and men do not, the reality is quite different from the streets. I do not say that the sample is an accurate representation of reality, can surely be biased, but we see a clear trend of society, which is very useful in the field of marketing.

The society and people change over time, and what is now normal or usual, soon after can vary, and be different, and there is always those changes associated business, especially if we provide what is demanded, and observe these variations and how to act in time always pays off in business.

Marketing has not only to continually watch which is the trend, but should try to anticipate, and even create them, offering the market which you’ll probably want, before he knows it, thus, if we are who I offer, in theory, will be to us who will buy it, and if not at least retain the credit for creating this trend, or be one of its pioneers innovators.

Furthermore, in the current environment, trends change and mutate every day faster, and you have to be increasingly agile in capture them and adapt to them, otherwise you might be late and all you get be joining late to a already created.

Blogs in this sense play a crucial role, because each one in his niche topic, are current, more than anyone, counting and discuss those changes, allowing the authors both bloggers, and its loyal audience, have the advantage competitive to be the first to detect what is and what is to come. Although not everything is valid, and for this, as always, we must choose the “best” to be able to have the best sources and anticipate what will come before anyone else.

Have the best blogs to keep up? And have in mind and observe trends in your marketing strategy?



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