There are many ways of doing business on the Internet

There are many ways of doing business on the Internet
There are many ways of doing business on the Internet

When you start with your startup, of course, you look at the leaders, those who are successful projects and they are the best I’ve found, because they are able to do almost everything right in every way. They seem to have no flaws, at least from the outside they look like, or manage to convey that image of perfection.

So when you rush, at least for me, try to follow that goal to do everything right in all aspects. Starting strive for the best possible image, continuing to do as much as possible a good product: front-end design, plus all the back-end, which is developed in-house, because it is recommended as a company Internet/technology, and it is supposed to be one of your strengths.

Besides the code as organized, clean, standards-based, a model-view-controller. Properly designed from scratch, database, organizations, documented, and if I hurry, indented with corresponding indentation and following the coding style guidelines. Managed by a version control system, if possible: distributed as git .. etc etc etc .. who have a web developer profile, understand what I say and know I could spend hours telling you all what to do there.

Furthermore, if we are to the material aspect, the subject facilities should be best possible, with their respective right furniture, especially chairs comfortable, equipment, various resources, also be accessible by public transport, etc, etc..

Not to mention staff, where I have always tried to follow the maxims of what I believe and I have learned to do, from finding and promoting talent, seeking the best treat with my people, and trying not to have employees, but teammates, with an organization that tends to the horizontal, etc.etc.

Similarly, I care all that I know the relationship with the market, support channels, tone, communication, presence, etc etc. As the level of economic management, accounting, labor, fiscal, and other.

And not to forget the commercial, marketing and selling, where you must give 200% because this is the key to business is the Internet, sector or whatever.

But then, despite attempts to accomplish all the comments, and more that will not fit in a post, as time passes, you see many things, many … From Internet companies that work, or even are a success, and that has not even own backend, but they have hired outsourced so as to acquire a lower service, or have a static website or even worse. Since they are an Internet company, and that should be your forte, but instead, are good selling, or have no qualms in doing so, which is the other side of the dark side.

I’ve also come to see companies that are outside an impeccable, or among the best, and when you research a bit, their software seems made by a child of eight, or rather, is the last of their concerns, but anyway, because when you got into this business, so support behind them, nor even then could fail.

And finally, very great company that work, and that you from your startup seeing as they do, you wonder: How can it be that doing everything wrong, still be alive? and what they will last, I can add.

And there’s only or at least I see an answer, there are many ways of doing business on the Internet, but not being perfect or even without even trying, can also exist. You only need to sell for that, if you can get, regardless of the rest, the rest are ornaments. A nice ornamentation over the final package that can impact most, and though some may seem necessary, given the cases, it is not at all.


2 thoughts on “There are many ways of doing business on the Internet

  1. You are right mate. The grass is ‘not’ always greener on the oder side of the fence, but what you call ornaments can make anyone think so. The inside nuances of a company make all the difference. Therefore, Benchmarking most of the time is not applicable. The leading companies should only be considered as a role model, but you have to do what it takes considering your strengths and weaknesses

    Just my humble opinion, as always


    1. Of course, the nuances are important and the view from the outside is always biased and therefore may not be valid, but in this post I wanted to reflect the most important thing is to sell, and the rest, while important, is secondary.
      But do not worry Victor, that although I reached to this little realistic conclusion, I will not stop trying to do my best always in all areas. šŸ˜‰


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