Flying cars, an Apple car, driverless cars.. What else?

Flying cars, an Apple car, driverless cars.. What else?
Flying cars, an Apple car, driverless cars.. What else?

Yesterday I saw a news on Mashable that blew me away, and because for a long do not talk about innovation, I take this opportunity. This is the first flying car already being designed in Massachusetts, USA, the company Terrafugia, the TF-X model you see in the picture.

The idea is a car as we know of 4 seats, hybrid, which can fly and also you can drive, but not only that, but for neophytes autopilot will also feature, similar to that being developed by Audi, Nissan or Google for normal cars (those who do not fly ..). I leave a video.

Something that seems more science fiction than reality, but we will have available in a few years for everyone. Initially it will be luxury items reserved for the few. They figure that will begin with $ 270,000 but not yet published which will be the final prices because they need to be closer to the time of production to find out true. What is clear is that over time will become economically accessible for most, as was the case with airplane flights, or the car at the time.

On the other hand, companies like Apple are seen as perfect candidates to make a car safer than a Volvo, widely known brand for their safety. And, not only move forward with innovation, but the leading companies in it, besides being rewarded for their efforts in cash and stocks, are also recognized by consumers as brands able to do anything.

In Apple’s case, to get into other fields very different from computers and revolutionize these markets, as happened to make the best mp3 portable (iPods), smartphones (iPhone), tablets (iPad), watches (iWath) etc.. Or Nike with technologies Self quantified, or as Google with its SmartGlass (Google Glass) or cars (Google Car).

And is that innovation, despite having a very high price, also its associated risk, has a pleasant reward, sometimes not suitable for all.


2 thoughts on “Flying cars, an Apple car, driverless cars.. What else?

  1. Wow, it really blew me off! I would say that innovation should be applied to other things different from this business. Just my opinion

    Thanks for sharing


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