What can be improved in the “feeds”

What can be improved in the
What can be improved in the “feeds”

Following the recent decision of Google, the relationship of feeds and Google does not go very good. Even though Google does not see, with these drastic changes it is losing its faithful, more advanced users, also some heavy users that brought where it is now.

It was Google which supported heavily feeds at its time, both with iGoogle, as well as Google Reader, with the purchase of Blogger.com and Feedburner. Also leading the standard for Atom feeds, replacing the standard “de facto” until then which was the RSS (Rich Site Summary), now it is leaving everything aside, blinded by wanting Google+ gets to be as big as Facebook, but is losing its most loyal people in return for not achieving its impossible chimera.

But focusing on what I wanted to speak here today, the feed does not need Google to stay alive, you have only to see the success of the alternatives have emerged after the recent abandonment of Google, because any standards needs a single company to survive, standards once created, are free to exist, regardless of specific interests.

So I think that as I could propose, I’d love to hear your opinions in the comments, about what things you would like to improve, to develop the third wave of the feeds, after RSS and Atom.

Here are some:

Audience: If the feed was a tool that allowed a minimum reporting standard specified therein, allow anyone to wear it, regardless of Feedburner, to measure and understand that happens with traffic coming their subscribers, thus would potential value and could improve their performance and results to make it the ultimate tool of choice for everyone.

Identification: It would be really interesting that in the times we live in the world of content, there was the possibility that the content author or publisher may require identification readers to subscribe to the feed, either with OAuth2 well with other protocols. Thus, could give rise to measure and understand properly how and how much is its scope and what kind of users are those who make up the audience of the media, giving it value, something that today there are alternatives out of a company that will disappear as Feedburner, and not part of the standard will disappear with it.

Comments: Today’s comments can be added to the feeds, but with an additional feed, the feed of comments, which makes it difficult and even disappear from the standard option, but because of its importance I think it should be included in the specification, to avoid having to make a second query to get them, but once the information requested was available with only one more parameter.

Payments: The debate over paid content or free or has terminated or will but if a future standard feeds somehow allowed to integrate with any payment platform, something related to identification commented, would give rise to specific content could be monetized in a special way.

Multimedia content today are not just textual, sometimes they are just video, but the standard does not provide any assistance to such increasingly common formats, unlike as if that already supports HTML5.

Social: Ability to collect feedback from readers in the form of feedback on the standard itself and send it to the source from the subscribed content, both typical like, retweets, until valuations, or share, etc..

How do you see? Would it be possible to improve things or not? Can you think of more options? Dave Winer notice? See reviewer?

Credits: Hands of the image, extracted from: Hands Library by Benja Benet


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