Redesign of YouTube channels

Redesign of YouTube channels
Redesign of YouTube channels

I do not know how many redesigns already YouTube have experienced lately. And, even though some complain about the continuous changes of Facebook, with the intention not stop improving, Google is no different in the same quest for improvement.

In this case, again the search company given a facelift to its video portal, and unlike the last time, which integrated the YouTube username and G+, now integrates is the YouTube user profile, its called “channels” cloning completely the appearance of Google+.

In this way each day both social networks are more similar, and if so are more likely to reach it disappears on the YouTube brand name and, again being named the new Google Videos, the substitute pick up the slack. Despite video social network is one of the strongest brands in the company, along with Gmail. But so was Android, and Android Market instead has given way to Google Play, so I think that this possibility is not so farfetched.

This fusion strategy and push G+ as required that are conducted to necessarily get something that do not like users, from my point of view is a bit sad, and even disappointing, even more so coming from a company that many, is or has been the cradle of innovation, which shows that it is able to offer anything better than what’s already there. And consequently end up repeating the success of others without much pretension, but hey, it must be that ceased to be what they were and therefore we have to make.

Once I have said this, noting that in this new design have added the ability to choose a channel trailer, and a prominent sections of our videos, and to unify the views between different web platforms, mobile and TV to make the experience more similar in all.

We can choose a large image background, like Google+ and grows in importance subscriptions and analytical visualizations at all times adapting to the new look of Google Plus occupying maximum screen width.

In addition to the User tab:, added Channel view:, or at least I had not seen before . A view where these improvements are visible. What I do not know if with the intention of differentiating producers having users both url’s, of which only look videos, and not upload content, than with that of /user/USERNAME have enough.

Do you like the news or think that do not add too much more that integration?



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