Some of the different approaches to blogging

Some of the different approaches to blogging
Some of the different approaches to blogging

Blogs are many, and written in different shapes and forms, since the contents can be addressed from all imaginable views, but we can try to summarize in a few approaches:

Update: Discuss news without going deep in a sort of rehash of present time or a translation of the original source trying to complete. They generate a lot of traffic if they have quality sources and get first fruits or exclusive information to generate referrals from others.

Analyst: They talk about current events and trends providing vision of the whole. Expressing their opinions formed and valuable to readers. They are the ones that generate most influential because of what they say are able to change trends, but sometimes are not always the ones that generate more traffic.

Educational: Explain how to do things, typical post start with: “How to..”,  “Alternatives to..”, ” Ways of ..”, “5 Things to..”, etc.. They tend to get hearing the usefulness of their Internet content and because everyone has ever something to learn. Many times when we do not know something we ask directly in the search engines and the post answer us, but in many cases this will be a audience of low value in a that niche, being newbie profile. If come from search engines as soon as they come they leave.

Professionals: They reflect the daily professional blogger author, and the position and the company where he works, tell their challenges, problems and solutions, providing industry insights opinion. They are followed by the niche, competition, and colleagues, and only address issues related to this subject, although its audience tends to be small, typically faithful and advanced level, and also generate influence because what they say is taken into account.

Personal: They talk about their daily lives on a personal level, from relationships to stories, experiences with friends, travel, or hobbies. They usually have a whole passionate and emotional, almost like a diary but publicly. Not usually have a lot of traffic, beyond family and friends, unless you speak in a very specific place in a specific hobby and a continuous updating and quality of content that would be of another approach.

Commercial: They are usually created in order to be monetized from minute one, since that address a popular issue and consumer products, and especially with monetization capabilities have feasible industry behind being interested in advertising on them. They treat the subject broadly and are common themes. It often has a company behind it, in a network, which links to the other blogs, forming a network of blogs. The development of content addresses them more like a traditional publishing editors, chief editor and so on.

Amateurs: They are the result of a passion created by what is, in principle, having nothing related with his work, from fashion blogs where daily are photographed with their latest models, the kitchen where the recipes have made​​, of sharing each destination and travel peculiarities, etc…

Many times a blog begins with a focus and is mutated to another, spontaneously, in most cases, from what I’ve seen so far, to take a while, everyone is looking for a way to harness this commitment to further be useful and receive a financial contribution or at least does not lead an expense to maintain the servers and others when they grow and become great.

For me personally, I like my blog to combine the first 3, and very little of the 4th. Since I don’t want to talk about my personal life, nor this blog is a blog for commercial purposes, in principle. To read instead, I usually prefer to focus analyst, not being the funniest, or the most popular, bring me more knowledge.

Do you guys for what you choose for yours? And to follow and read, which would you say are your favorites?


One thought on “Some of the different approaches to blogging

  1. I am writing my first book, a memoir, so on one hand it is very personal. However, I think it is also a bit educational because I share all this with everyone in order to help them. Thank you for the post.


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