Marissa Mayer and the new Yahoo!

Marissa Mayer and the new Yahoo!
Marissa Mayer and the new Yahoo!

It’s not news to mention that Yahoo, after been one of the best, had hard time in recent years, at least since 2008, but from June 16, 2012 with the hire of its new CEO, Marissa Mayer, one of the former Google executives known and respected for being a visionary leader, has been a boon for the company’s future. Especially in the stock market, as we can see in the above chart, and since it became known her hiring the stocks have not stopped climbing.

And there are high hopes for the management of Marissa in front of Yahoo! to stop mindless lurching, as selling Delicious to the creators of YouTube, now heading, among others, and has clear and decisive path forward. And apparently, this is just what the new CEO can bring.

From what I have read, all the changes that have intended to perform, are basically in a line, making Yahoo! ceases to be a producer of original proprietary content, more similar to a publisher or an online newspaper. As still is, due to the popularity of their websites. Since it is something that greatly ballasted to compete with existing rivals. The idea is to move from a content creation company with significant technological part, to be a company providing technology services, and content, but generated by users, while offering personalized user experiences in their consumption.

In this way, and I understand that is one of their reasons, their growth would not be limited to persons incorporated in staff to write, closer to the consulting model. But by its capacity for technological innovation, which is no small, and therefore closest scalable business models.

Within this approach, it takes almost a month rumored, buying DailyMotion by Yahoo, the second portal world’s largest video after Youtube. This purchase of 75% Orange (the French company telephony), estimated to be around 200 million dollars, would allow Yahoo to output video to advertise needs of its customers, we remember that advertising is a major source of income of the company, and would place very close to Google, with its nearest competitor, which certainly could give a boost to shorten distances.

Also, Marissa has a clear mobile focus, which has manifested in various declarations and demonstrated with the recent purchase of Summly by 30 million, to incorporate the talents of your team as well as taking the new iPhone version of Flikr, which by adding filters competes directly with Instagram.

It also has the new Yahoo! Mail, that despite criticism of its similarity in design to the new Outlook, which Microsoft released to replace Hotmail. And finally, Yahoo! Axis, the hybrid between browser and search engine that permits multi-device searches in an interesting way.

So it is to understand that all these changes in the right direction, you’re getting a new major boost future, I hope it stays that way and see how it is once again among the great, that competition was always good.

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