What will replace the current web search engines?

What will replace the current web search engines?
What will replace the current web search engines?

Trying to make an exercise of sight to the future, I would like raise a question to ascertain in his answer or at least come close. Perhaps to some it seems silly, but is a very effective method to try to put yourself in years sight of this and to get ahead of what is to come, giving a solution before anyone else that I have more than once implemented.

Having said that, I repeat the question, explaining someting better and raising the question another way and with some perspective.

With the advent of the Internet, and the ease of publishing provided by the bits over the paper, comes the need to manage the vast amount of information generated.

At that time the editorial web directories, or open as Dmoz, made their task, allowing to find previously classified information by hand. After directories like Yahoo, created search engines based on these directories, improving the user experience, changing the access to information from scanning categories as was done until then, to question and answer.

Later, hierarchical search engines like Altavista or Excite spiders based on that track, and index all Internet automatically without publishers, they begin to proliferate, and Google, one of the first to implement the algorithm to get results sorted by relevance note , and is the market leader today.

So far everything clear, but .. What do you think will happen next? Do you always have open web and therefore indexable? With the proliferation of cloud so trendy, social networks are closed gardens by growing concerns of privacy, native mobile apps, etc, what information will become increasingly inaccessible? Or put another way, will there be more information closed, that available? Perhaps internal searchers have more sense then? As could be the proposal of Facebook search.

Awareness and concern of privacy goes logical increase, but will run at all and so what does alternatives to Google like DuckDuckGo to grow enough to overcome it?

On the other hand, go on, every day all the world’s information, and therefore all the knowledge of humanity, already not in libraries, but is concentrated in a single player, or even if they were more than one, are still companies private interests. So is this the best place for all of the global knowledge? or maybe it’s time to grow alternatives such as distributed search engines? They all bring computing and storage capacity to a distributed P2P system and not available in any particular place, but all at once. And of course far from concrete economic or political interests.

Or maybe just what we see is that as China powers that population numbers will dominate the Internet, and then one is the only search engine, but also controlled by a government that is a dictatorship, able to censor and make the actually a suit of what interests him.

Perhaps that will change in the search engines is the access interface and instead of looking for text, and just do it for voice as Apple’s Siri and others, or directly by thought, connected to a pair of glasses similar to Google Glass . Or more so, and completely change the paradigm and instead of looking when you need, we suggested a predictive technology, who knows both of us, that anticipates our needs and offer them to us before we ask Him. .

How you can see, there are many questions, but here only expose “atrocities” possible. How do you think could be the future, some enlightened in the room? How many chances do I have left?



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