Reblogging and reblogs

Reblogging and reblogs
Reblogging and reblogs

It is common for us to ReTweet to content we find interesting on Twitter. The ReTweet is a very popular way in this social network, to re-post what you said another. With it, thanks to author publication and making mention of its user, while increasing the spread of this foreign content among all our fans, as already discussed here.

And although it has a direct relationship, the reblogging is perhaps less common, but is that, just as in Twitter when something interesting, spread this post from another blogger on our blog.

From what I have read on Wikipedia, reblogging concept was initially created by the platform: Later Tumblr popularized because it greatly facilitated, highlighting reblog button beside each post. And since 2010, it is possible to also use it on as an option, although its introduction was received not without some controversy from the community.

And the re-post content from others, being so accepted in Twitter and even highly sought after by the benefits granted to which they retweet, sometimes creates controversy on blogs, perhaps because of the difference in length of publication, or because being an item more difficult than writing a simple tweet with a reblog action can get some profits without making the least effort.

Also, you can not confuse reblogging with plagiarism. When we reblogging, we should not include the entire original article, but rather a reference to the original link. And above all, a mention of the same, even in the title of our publication. Thus it becomes clear to everyone that we are only giving publicity to interesting content, and in no time we intend to take advantage of the work of others. In these subtle differences lies that reblogging is well accepted as such, being branded plagiarism and is frowned upon by both the original author and by your readers. And in any case, will have to take into account the license of the original blog article, since the possibility of action, not in any way replace the copying and distribution rights defined by the content owner reblogged.

And finally, to add that not always have it copied and pasted the original article only, you can also enrich their own comments. Always make it clear each part. Thus, it would be more similar to quote, but equally interesting.

I from here, encourage you to keep reblogging this blog as up to now, even as they have blogs dedicated to reblogging only. These reblogs that sometimes fulfill their function as content curators to perfection, and as with retweets, provide outreach and attract traffic to the original sources. Do you reblog to others? Do they reblog to you? You like it?


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