Explaining feeds and how to use them to read blogs

Explaining that are feeds and how to use them to read blogs
Explaining that are feeds and how to use them to read blogs

Maybe at first when you get into Internet, you hear about blogs and you just don’t quite understand what they are. As you find what interests you, you end up in them (blogs) without noticing, either by >references on other websites, blogs or other social networks that you like. Little by little you are accustomed to read, and when you realize you like a few, and the number is increasing every day but getting each entering its url in the browser, it is impractical, if not an impossible task if they are many Follow them through social networks, makes you find out only the newnewss if you’re online at the time it is shared.

As this problem is not new, but those who came before us had it. And since blogs are updated daily, or almost daily, unlike static pages before.. invented a way that instead of entering each blog individually to see the latter, we could be aware of all news and updates of all blogs that we were interested in a more easy.

Whence the idea of the feeds, which allow blogs are becoming more faithful followers. The feed, also known as RSS or Atom, is in all the blogs and you sound to be that little orange symbol has a dot surrounded by a pair of white waves, symbolizing the release of contents.

Thanks to the feeds of blogs, if we as consumers of blogs, we use a feed reader among all existing (free and paid), I leave a collection to alternatives to Google feed reader, can easily follow many blogs.

To do so, you just have to create an account in any of these readers, and then when we read our favorite blog, click on the symbol feeds blog. This simple action will choose which reader want to read this blog (syndication), and once chosen our reader, this blog will be included in it to read it daily. Normally with the option of being able to sort by subject/category and allow at any given time read only news of a topic.

And what is the difference between doing this with every blog that we love, and go to each every day typing your URL or through social networks? Well is simple, from a feed reader, you can view from a single screen or dashboard all the latest news from selected blogs, so, instead of going blog by blog, url by url, or expect to be connected the social network right when you publish something, getting lost the rest, we have checked all the information that seems most relevant, regardless when we go and that is filed and organized, and the most efficient way possible, because we will not have to go looking content, but they will come to us when they have something new to tell us.

I hope you have been able to explain it as simple as it is, because sometimes the start may seem dark, but in reality, you see that it is extremely simple. So .. What are you waiting? Do not have a feed reader?


One thought on “Explaining feeds and how to use them to read blogs

  1. Dear Miguel,

    Thank you very much for your insight. It is probably most helpful for those who are not familiar with this technology that has been around for quite some time. I for one have been using it for years, most recently with my smartphone. I do not want to publicise any brand here, but my feed reader for Android is just marvellous, not only does it turn on the wifi connection by itself, but also downloads the podcasts I am interested in. I totally recommend using feed readers for podcasting, news updates and the like

    Big hug. Thanks for keeping us updated on this


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