Mobile Design: Responsive design, multiple designs or native application

Mobile Design: Responsive design, multiple designs or native application
Mobile Design: Responsive design, multiple designs or native application

Every day, mobile eat ground to laptops and desktops, but not only in total amount of existing mobile devices compared to fixed devices, but in % of total hits on the pages from these, and sometimes even with exaggerated jumps, so that when designing a website today, mobile design thinking and is an absolute obligation.

Briefly explain the different options:

Responsive design: Based on the idea of ​​One Web introduced by List Apart, to make an adaptive design, which takes the form of the screen where it is displayed regardless of the size, shape, vertical or horizontal, etc. always adapting as best possible. They talk about fluid design concept because the standard elements: forms, headings, paragraphs and images are adapted as water adapts to its container.

Multiple designs: This is just the opposite idea to responsive, ie leave in web design computers we have, and we will design for mobile ad-hoc, and one for tablets, with less heavy images or even serving tumbails of these, and everything is totally adapted to this environment, which is not only smaller screens and ability to change vertical / horizontal orientation, but also often have access to mobile data connections more limited, and processor and memory not so powerful.

Native applications: It is a third option that is shuffled always make a product developed on purpose. A native app destination mobile operating system, and specialized for each device, taking full advantage of all the features and user experience and navigation that provides unique, they are not able to offer the other.

But, within the options available, we must choose one or the other, and depends. I to this day, for new projects do recommend always responsive, for their low cost and use of standards like HTML5 and CSS3. With frameworks like Bootstrap among others is really easy. Except when it can be directly counterproductive. Because there are certain cases you waste opportunities, providing you have a screen with width of a particular configuration that can not adapt in the same way, but I understand that will be less cases. Or when native options are essential or substantially improve the result and user experience.

Another option that I have not included and would be a variant of resposive design, is to turn directly to the issue and design right from the start for mobile devices, tablets and smartphones, so that may be also mobile computer with that design.

Mobile applications are sometimes the best option, and get a loyalty bonus. Because of the extra effort required by the user for download, but have the advantage that once downloaded it as more of their phone and themselves. It also offers unique possibilities, at the time of his promotion very prominently, in the select type of products become apps, not so trivial thing, which together with the relationship with the brand, resulting in a positioning unrivaled brand.

Finally, as a reader of the post of R. Galli commented, another possibility that we should not forget is that although every day consume mobile so everything mobile Internet connections are getting better, and I will, and new releases of mobile devices are breaking down barriers between what a mobile phone as a mini iPhone mini future, or a mega phone, like the Samsung Gallaxy Note, or a tablet, or a mini-tablet like the iPad mini. So, if so, may not be so unreasonable to consider that all this has been madness at the time and in the end it did not take much variation to stay as we were.

I as you see, I have no answer to this issue, rather, I have questions. But what I have clear that if there are resources to make a design, the easier it becomes to users is always better, although this will change in every moment, and then at the end back to the beginning.

You guys that think? Do you have a clear idea for all or according to the project? Do you think in general we are responding well to all the changes?



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