Thanks to you!

Thanks to you!
Thanks to you!

This post I want to make an exception and devote to thank all those who follow this blog and daily posts and support from one or another way, being present participating in comments, Followings or WordPress likes, or being there in social networks, to retweet, share, do like, disseminate their content, or correct my mistakes when I’m wrong, because they are the essence of what this blog community represents.

But especially, I want to highlight some people who think they deserve especially for being my TOP. I will say only their names without their full names, and if they then give me permission in the comments or in private, I will put the full names too, but in any case, I think that when they to read it, they know that I refer to them.

In alphabetical display are:

Eva Collado: One of my top retweerers, always there acting as curator content to give publicity to my blog post that you find most interesting, among its more than 15k followers. Unfortunately I do not know in person yet, but the day I do, I owe at least a beer or several. Thanks Eva.

Gregorio Delgado: Besides being a little mentor of mine in several respects and colleague, is always there, and although always reads the blog the next day, I know he does, and he makes do with your support. Thanks Gregorio.

Hugo Maldonado: A person who, in addition to considering friend and mentor for years, also has the patience to read whenever possible the English version of this blog, even after passing me emails with the mistakes made and their correction, which both I as my English deeply appreciate him. Thanks Hugo.

Manuel Pulido: One of the most faithful to the blog readers, who never forgets make me look when he like a post and always I have your unconditional support when commenting and discussion of what we mean. Thanks Manuel.

Victor D.: One of my best friends and with whom I share many things, not only friendship but hobbies and subjects of interest to us,  although I don’t see as much as I’d like, I know he is always there when I need, and likewise knows that I will always be when he need to me. And the blog is no exception, and since I’ve heard that follow the latest through Linkedin and reading my English version to check my possible failures, has motivated me even more, both to make fewer mistakes and to know that someone like him is there. Thanks Victor.

I will end by saying that each and every one of the readers of this blog, it gives me a different way their bit, they do have more motivation to continue telling on the blog what I see, I think interest to explain etc.. So thanks to ALL.


2 thoughts on “Thanks to you!

  1. It is always a plesure to hear such things. You’ve got my support, you can count on that. And as for your articles, I believe they are an incredible tool to be updated on everything that happens on the net, specially on new apps, technology, social networking. I really find them most helpful

    Congrats on your success. Keep the good work!




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