Why show audience data publically

Why show audience data publically
Why show audience data publically

The audience of a website is one of the parameters to measure the success of a content site, as well as enabling factor: understanding the result of your strategy and daily work and achievement of goals, compared with competitors for leadership positions, and above all, establish a higher or lower price for advertising that sells.

Although since I came the first blog networks, unlike traditional media, it was with a policy of absolute transparency, published monthly their complete figures of audience in his corporate site. Even today, some owners of websites, blogs, blog networks and content companies generally do not want to know their data as if it were their best kept secret, and avoid it as much as possible, but in the information age, this is a really task complex if not a losing battle.

And I say losing battle, because there are many ways of knowing, beyond the owner’s data. Why not just measure websites with pages themselves and analytical measurement system you have, there are also external systems, auditing, etc., which measure the audience of other, externally and this information can not be hidden.

Moreover, now there are only the pages or view users who visit the site to know what volume moves a website, social networks have become another important factor to consider since, almost no means a blog or newspaper or website without followers on Twitter or without their fans your Facebook page.

And with social networking, it happens that many of those before so paranoid about hiding their data, for reasons such as: prevent your competition knew too much of them, or they could copy their strategies top secret, now show her pictures of fans Facebook or Twitter prominently ..

Information should be shared by all, by mutual agreement, because not only applies to the leaders if you’re small and show your figure, you can see your progress when you grow up and how you’re better, if in a niche, or a region the loyalty of your audience or community, or specific audiences, etc., however, if you do not, it will be difficult for you to take into any consideration.

But is that the end is obvious, and if when I buy 1 kg of potatoes in the grocery store, I know I buy 1 kiloand I do not say, “Buy the bag and pay for, but do not tell you how much you weigh ..” Internet is logical that by selling advertising share that information shown is correct the value you pay for it, whether it’s volume or the community or what is sold. Otherwise, can you give for thinking that the audience is actually less than it seems, and you try to deceive or manipulate so they do not know.

Moreover, if not only give us information about ourselves, but that we audited by external auditors or do public in more than one site, top or directory, will gain in credibility, and inventory that we gain in value objective since depend not only what you say, but data already known to all, and therefore will make your purchase easy to clear doubts in the decision process. And in every place where we share your data and becomes available such information, will be a potential seller of your product because increasing gain in visibility possible points of sales.


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