Want to leave my mark

Want to leave my mark
Want to leave my mark

Among many things that you can done in life, I have always been attracted to those which results are irrelevant. I refer to the types of activity that after making, stay there and people remember.

As a child I was fascinated: EXIN Castillos and LEGO, maybe that, and as I got older I was good at technical drawing and thus help my father in construction, made ​​me decide to study architecture.

The architectural profession is an activity that after making it, working only on paper, this simple drawing, has then a physical result bridges which pass people, buildings where people live, where other work, or places where they enjoy and have good and bad moments.

That is, those simple strokes made ​​in an office, come to life and have a remarkable relevance for society or for whole families to the point of being part of the people and their daily lives, and also in time are still part the history of what we remember. And so it seemed very nice, because I’ve always liked the idea that the death can leave something to those who come after, so we remembered. Since it is a way of not dying.

But the last years of high school, everything changed for me, because after a course itinerant came to town, I discovered the fascinating computing, Internet and web programming, thanks to ComputerHoy collectibles magazines, and eventually changed my course and I ended up studying programming.

Although nothing to do, when I started programming HTML, to make a website and being seen by thousands of people around the world, they were interested in the things I told on my site and shared resources, felt a great satisfaction, and saw that somehow my work could also transcend otherwise different from the architecture, but perhaps even better, because then I thought that the Internet would be a clear and firm commitment to the future, that would revolutionize everything. I then I had absolutely sure, but not the slightest idea how to do it.

Today, I can say I’ve gone from programmer rather to wear the hat of an entrepreneur, and that program and do little or nothing. But being an entrepreneur, in my projects motivates me the same purpose: to make something meaningful, that is as good as can be possible, and to leave a legacy, though digital, because good is not just tangible goods. And know that what I did, one day someone remember that existed, because it helped him, or he was useful to his goal, or to improve your life in some way. In my case, for now AdLemons either a blogger, or a company looking to improve their results, so when I hear a thank you or an achievement thanks to us, fills me much, because I think I’m on the right track.

And after sharing with you my Leitmotif personel to be an entrepreneur, as something as simple as wanting to make my mark, I hope you liked it, and I feel encouraged whether you are entrepreneurs, as but to share in the comments your personal motivations when embarking on one or another project.



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