Will Whatsapp and other messaging apps replace social networks?

Whatsapp and other messaging apps will replace social networks?
Whatsapp and other messaging apps will replace social networks?

Until the arrival of the Internet all we communicated by phone, then by mobile phone, both calls and SMS, but it is limited because each call or each 140 characters had a real cost. With the Internet, and the arrival of the mail is removed the cost of written communications with the messengers entered the era of instant communication without cost, but only from PCs, and it was costing money from elsewhere.

After emerging with force social media, making communication has no limits and we can communicate in a really easy, but also at the same time changing the communication paradigm, from one to one communication calls, sms and mails, to one to many, also called publication in which you communicate with all your friends, but also with the rest of the world at a time, to make a post on a blog, a tweet on your timline or an update on his wall.

With time global consciousness takes privacy and that one thing is to communicate privately with another person, and quite another to publish to the world around, and each is useful and makes sense for some purposes, but should not be confuse.

Then with the popularity of smartphones and mobile Internet, comes a new revolution, such as mobile instant messaging, or what is the same, the equivalent of free SMS. A combination of IM always on the computer, but this time from the mobile, and hence, from anywhere.

So much so, that one of the pioneers as Whatsapp beats Twitter and multiple attempts and alternative dispute his leadership, from the most popular social networks by apps like Facebook Messenger, or Tuenti Social Messenger with Joyn to telephone operators, and large also always aim as: Microsoft to buy Skype, Yahoo with Yahoo! Hub (Messenger and Mail), Samsung ChatON, and Spain emerge: Yuilop, Spotbros, Chad2Win, other hard coming from the east as: Line, WeChat, Kakao Talk, and others such as Vibe, Nimbuzz, Libon, Imo.im, etc..

Now that social networks have opened a path, although not the same post to communicate in private, it was valid to us because it was for all uses, because there was nothing better, including also a solution for private messaging, both Facebook with messages, and Twitter DM, etc..

But what if people start to prefer a pure environment closed and private communication such as instant messaging to social networks for their communications? Could it the case that social networks come to an end? and what we move to an environment of one to one communication? Or is that publication again only be reserved only for businesses? Maybe what happens is that the two concepts converge as Spotbros having glimpses of social network with Shouts and apps? Since then, we will see changes, do not know how, or that transcendence, but we will walk with your eyes open.

You guys that think? How do you see the picture?



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