What keep in mind when advertising on blogs

What keep in mind when advertising on blogs
What keep in mind when advertising on blogs

Blogs, as I said sometimes for any company are or should be the cornerstone of your communications, which can reinforce the rest of social media presence, and digital communications no longer I say, I say communications alone because today in day or should address ALL approaches, but if you only make internal use of blogs to be our tool of corporate communication, perhaps, or better said sure we are missing most of benefits it can bring blogs.

In another article we will see: Why advertise on blogs, but today I would like to address the different aspects that should be considered when using blogs as an advertising medium.

Blogs are very many, and in addition there are highly specialized and quality. Most likely there are blogs in your industry, you know that just a few .., or believe you know most, in reality you have no idea that there are many others who have controlled. It turns out that just these experts bring together all of your field, or what is best in others, to all of your potential consumers. Yes, those who would do anything to be able to reach an efficient way, so they could have the opportunity to know what you offer, how you are better or just different (as I said Javier Megías) and show that you are your best choice.

To create an action marketing blogs, we must take into account the following parameters:

Segmentation: You need to first know what are all those in our industry, and all, which may better fit your target. To know that we can start basis for deciding which interest us. Here come all kinds of parameters such as segmentation: physical location, language, themes, etc..

Traffic: Of these, you should see which have a particular audience, but need not always be the most important factor, as we shall see later, not only blogs with large audiences give us a return on investment, but if you have a wide audience especially for large consumer products, specialized or not so it may be better. Or if you still have a large audience, is a highly segmented audience, which is unusual.

Influence: Of all the possible blogs, we should consider the influence they are able to generate. This means how are taken into account by a loyal community and active. Audience that will follows because they account for what he says, and does not have traffic only silly, because they work on SEO, and users come and go as they go, regardless of what it is said. We at AdLemons offer our own algorithm, called LemonRank they can discern the influence of a blog over another.

Price: The price is a key factor, and although many influential blogs know very well what is the price, since it set them a month and usually charge, others by contrast do not know or just do not give value and charge prices extremely low to appear on your blog for a month. Having this information is key to decide. We also have to see why sell its advertising unit, the most widespread in influential blogs, is the CPT or Cost Per Time, monthly units, even if they are high traffic blogs are also CPM. Similarly, we can also see mention price, or terms of payment in kind.

Updating: In addition to seeing the price, influence and audience must see if the blog is dead or if you write regularly. An easy way is to know when he wrote the last or last post, to understand whether he is alive or dead. We must bear in mind that not all blogs, write daily, not at all. But if the last article has years .. it should discard.

Social Reach: It would be the potential to reach social media users and viralize content, as fans on the Facebook page, Twitter followers, etc.. In AdLemons have the information of all blogs, and call it: Social Reach, and as advertisers, gives us an idea of ​​the potential of the blog community in social media.

Availability: Blogs that work for CPT or sponsorship, that is, they can not always meet all the requests, we should see that the chances that our ad to appear at a certain time, whether display (video, widgets or banners) as if mentions to fit they in your calendar and us in ours.

Audience and Price ratio: Although be sold advertising space for months, it is interesting to compare the relationship between price and the audience, ie the CPM (Cost Per Mile Impressions) equivalent. So we know if we are paying a lot or a little on this axis, but as we mentioned before, the audience is not always the most important. It is also a typical metric always in the online marketing industry.

Social Reach and Price ratio: In this case, knowing the relationship between the social scope (Social Reach) and the price, we can understand better if comparatively between different blogs, the price paid corresponds to their community and therefore with potential range. In AdLemons we call CPSR (Cost Per Social Reach) or simply CPR (Cost Per Reach).

Advertising Options: Depending on the purpose of marketing action, both are branding, sales, visibility, fans, feedback, testing groups, seo, records, etc., we choose that option possible is the most interesting for us and support blogs that type of action, from banners, widgets, video, mentions, mentions in kind, event kind or test kind, etc..

Purchase and Management: If doing a campaign we face having to do this on our own, without help .. one hand will not reach or at least most interesting blogs potential for us, and secondly, the process will infinitely long and inefficient compared between the search without all the data, put in contact with each of the bloggers, long negotiations and lack of unbiased and objective information, to come the blogger himself, so here, tools advanced to provide us with all the work, and we also give analytical post specific campaign, beyond the typical Analytics, are indispensable.

As you can see, there are many points to consider, but now we have advanced a lot in the blog marketing with effective management so that advertise on blogs a breeze.

Do you should add some more parameters? Do you find this post helpful? Doubts? Comments below.


2 thoughts on “What keep in mind when advertising on blogs

  1. Dear Miguel Angel,

    Is there an app for tablets or smartphones that you would recommend to keep track of the blogs anyone could be interested in? Speaking of such apps, would you consider that the same parameters are applicable to the same extent? The space for adds is obviously different, especially with regards to smartphones

    Keep me posted please


    1. Hi Victor,

      To read blogs because Google Reader close shortly, it seems that one of the best alternatives is Feedly.com, which is also multi-device. But obviously, for advertising the setting is very different, and especially smaller which is a challenge to advertising and its efficiency, because you will be much more efficient with less space. But it is also true that on mobile there are other parameters that help display advertising more efficient, such as the user’s location for targeting, that mobile is only for one person unlike the pc, which is handled at any time with other dispoisitivos and activities, etc..


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