Hype of contents encourages pro blogging platforms

Hype of contents encourages pro blogging platforms
Hype of contents encourages pro blogging platforms

We are experiencing a revolution of content, becoming a necessity and powerful cross as a fundamental part of communication. In this revolution the blog is shining more than ever, and where that intensive and growing role, requires better tools and platforms content management and publishing, which are more powerful in terms of capabilities, but simple to use and manage too.First Blogger.com led the way and gave him popularity, then WordPress with his open source solution made ​​of what blogs are today and consolidated. Next came Tumblr, providing ease of use and reduce the learning curve. As well as Posterous, his little brother, who later this month of April will close its doors, after the acquisition by Twitter a year ago.

But after closing Posterous and migration of millions of blogs, the alternatives are not only “traditional” already commented, but as with the closure of Google Reader or Feedburner, there are new players ready to take their place with more desire and better.

A clear case in the world of publishing platforms Squarespace could be, that while not new, as it emerged in 2004, their recognition of a more general has been more recently. It was perhaps because the insecurity that has led to a free platform as popular as Posterous ceased to exist, and that apparently will not than enough Tumblr no clear business model yet, because unlike the previous this is a payment solution, starting at $10/month.

Squarespace offers a key in hand solution, a platform on which to create posts, pages, shop and galleries, all in one, and domain name gift, in an intuitive and very visually appealing. They have millions of sites and apparently profitable since its inception.

Another alternative more recent, with hardly months is: Posthaven, that after the closure of Posterous, two of its founders did not conform to its end, wanted to take the opportunity to offer the best importer avoiding loss or data quality in an alternative payment of only $5/month and promises something difficult to meet, but they clearly have the ability to provide security, users scalded. Although I think it’s more a desire to ensure that something really difficult to meet the “FOREVER”. But can to them work, as it is very tedious to be taken to face a migration.

As we see, some leave, but others come, and is active with the sector is not in the least surprise me that every day we see more and competition level therein.



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