Ways to increase our fan page on Facebook

Ways to increase our fan page on Facebook
Ways to increase our fan page on Facebook

We all need more fans, some don’t even know why, but it seems to be a common need for everyone who has a business or project on the Internet and official presence on social network, so I’ll share some simple, but I think that may be useful.

In order to increase our chances of social success, a common way to get more followers when our Facebook fan page is directly invite potentially interested friends who like the page and sector. If we segment these users before inviting probably receiving the request will have more interest in accepting the invitation and will add support for more easily.

When log in as admin of the Facebook page, in the administration box shown before the cover photo, but click on Show, we can see right invite box, we can use it to expand our friendships fan base.

Here, it is key to have the more friends better, as we mentioned in last week’s post, because of having the most friends, have more options.

It is especially interesting when we invite someone who is connected, either because their chat tells us, either because we have interacted with him recently, and is certainly more receptive to our request and will be more inclined to accept our invitation.

But the options don’t end there, because up next to the Edit Page button, is the button Create audience that if we click offers 4 options:

  • Invite email contact…: In this option we can use different platforms that after you login, you can access more contacts to invite them to become fans, curious thing about this option is that it will expand the potential radio guests users who may not have as friends on Facebook. Be careful here If you press Invite to all, it is better to say No, and then to select recipients that interest us. In any case, if users are not on Facebook or do not have that account linked to your Facebook account first even be invited to join. And if they are, invite them to become a fan. If you have previously invited friends using your email or Skype or other, you can view status of your invitations at: https://www.facebook.com/invite_history.php
  • Invite friends…: This is my preferred option, because it can, if you’ve done your homework always adding to each friend at least one list, then filter them to send each invitation for each page most suitable to each contact.
  • Share page..: Here we use a very valid alternative especially if you have very active followers or friends or are part of a group, allowing us to share the page itself to encourage people to give me love. There are several options: In your biography, In the biography of a friend, in a group, in your site, in a private message, which are the same as if you share a page that is not yours.
  • Create ad: This is the most versatile, but payment, and allows us to use Facebook ads to users who do not know they are out of our reach on Facebook to view the page or in the side or after a share of a friend his campaign as we configure and I like to give.

These ways are “official”, but sure I have left some trick more.. than you use, so I invite you to share in the comments.


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