JetPack: The essential plugin for WordPress

JetPack: The essential plugin for WordPress
JetPack: The essential plugin for WordPress

Time ago we discussed the importance of the relationship of our blog with Facebook and Twitter, as they are an inseparable trio, but this relationship remains essential is not so easy to achieve if we have a self hosted blog, and we have to pull from various resources, plugins and others that are not always, neither standards nor solve our needs entirely.

On the other hand, every day is better, not in vain this blog is hosted on it. Because every day adds more pro and social functionalities, making it not only a blog, but a blog on steroids, as it includes social networking features, integrating it into a giant community as it is today that of and rest of social media.

And as WordPress did not want to leave out of this great community to millions of blogs created with the open source solution, they decided to make it easy and affordable benefits to blogging with WordPress auto-installed on your own server with JetPack, WordPress plugin that brings almost all the benefits of to your

When installing JetPack will:

  • Notifications via top bar, where you can see at any time if there are new comments in real time, likes, blog follows, badgets of achievements, etc..
  • Auto publication in social networks, with Publicize functionality, since the screen let you edit the article send when publishing the post this article to Facebook and Twitter automatically, defining that text, hashtags and others.
  • Stats, Google Analytics is not, nor need be, we told you a bit in this blog.
  • Social comments, ie allow your readers to comment more easily identified using Facebook, Twitter or your account.
  • Subscriptions to the blog via email, as Feedburner to go away, and since it is advisable to create community around the blog, subscriptions play an important role as loyal readers. This option enables you to blog subscriptions both as a concrete post that could answer the feedback responses.
  • Likes style Facebook, in social network users can Like, as in Facebook, and these notices have their interesting potential, different from them on Facebook.
  • Carrousel of images, you can add images in carousel style easily.
  • Publishing via post mail, this option is not very common but it can get you out of trouble when you publish a post from anywhere you have access to mail only.
  • Social sharing easy, is one of the star features as it makes the blog truly social setting allowing all you need and can even prioritize social networks we are most interested or most use.
  • Spelling, as does Gmail corrector, although I prefer use my Firefox, but as an alternative, not bad.
  • Backups of the blog, is the only payment option, but very useful to simplify this difficult task typical recurrent self hosted blogs.
  • Gravatar, offers integration in comments with the system of avatars (human faces) World’s most popular.
  • Contact form, one of the more pressing needs on blogs that needed to be resolved as Form 7 plugin, that integrates with this and resolved it great.
  • Galleries magazine style, to display images in blogs and Pinterest posts.
  • URL shortening, saves you account, and integrates with self-publishing and stats
  • CSS customization easy, little to add.
  • Embed videos easy, lets put YouTube videos etc with typical shortcodes.
  • Mobile web theme, it makes the mobile web version of your blog, without the typical theme touch.
  • Assistance mathematical languages​​, with put option formulas, equations, etc.
  • Bars extra widgets, such as that of Twitter, comments feed or pictures.
  • Infinite Scroll adds functionality to not have to page through to see the latest post, but it simplifies making it automatic, but requires touching a bit of code in your theme.
  • Upload images from, Photon improves performance using WordPress distributed network to streamline access and load the blog.
  • Json API allows programmers have a JSON API from your own blog to access its contents, like the API RES at
  • Push Notifications: To alert you when new comments received on the mobile.
  • Real-time Distribution: Include your blog within the distribution system and new content alerts in real time WordPress.

Except backup, all other options are free, and it is also optional payment so ultimately I think well worth using JetPack. And but the present .. who has it installed, would appreciate to tell his experience.


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