Different ways to manage your contacts and friends on Facebook

Different ways to manage your contacts and friends on Facebook
Different ways to manage your contacts and friends on Facebook

Facebook offers many options to manage our relationship with our contacts and friends, but sometimes, even then, not just be sufficient and still are somewhat complex for the average user, but of knowing we can make the most.

Let’s see the different ways and how to implement them:

Only real friends: First, is who chooses the fundamentalist strategy only accept as a friend on Facebook to their real friends in the physical world, ie, the tight circle of close friends and family. All other users are ignored when you are invited, deleted your request, or pressed the button later. Combining this with privacy profile visible to friends only. Thus, Facebook is easy to use because it does not take nearly ready, or anything else, everything published is visible to all your friends, they still have little to manage few.

In this radical strategy when performed by whom are people really known, or directly celebrities who opt for it will usually combine to enable the Follow button on their profile, Twitter style, as it requires no action confirmation for his part, explains Joaquín Requejo great in his post, and allows your followers or fans see what you share publicly: news or concerts, events, unlike what you post to your closest circle that you do it alone for Friends.

All contacts: For another, who accepts only is acquaintances to be friends on Facebook and then manages its updates in the news feed through friends lists to avoid noise. In this case, it is more common, it is not always easy to decide whether to accept someone, blended family, close friends, co-workers, especially if you do internet, acquaintances, etc.. And no choice but to make use of various elements of the configuration of Facebook as I said in the post in order to cope and that the feed of our cover is not hell. And commenting on the BONUS Latest news can be fairly resolved.

All and more: And finally, who accepts everyone is a rule and even invites all to see in an effort to amass contacts without measure or objective. I think this corresponds more to a novel that begins profile on Facebook as a gateway to the world, but with time moderates or end Facebook is considered a Spamer, because when you accept and ask someone if you know that person actually not surprise me if we saw shortly to take action.

In my case, I’m more of the second option, basically because I know that my Facebook is a professional tool, among many other things, and Facebook contacts are potential customers, partners, suppliers, contacts, acquaintances and friends. So I can not afford not accept someone doing a contempt, and following the philosophy contact = a chance, have a contact who has a treasure, and when you do not know to be useful, so I always think it is preferable be connected.

And that strategy you friends in Facebook, you follow of all commented? Do you do a mix of several, or even what you had you proposed?


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