Facebook Home and his strategy on mobile

Facebook Home and his strategy on mobile
Facebook Home and his strategy on mobile

Facebook with millionaire purchase Instragram demonstrated its clear interest, and even fear, for the mobile environment and what it could entail a social network that even the world’s largest, still has its strength in the web environment, and if neglected may become obsolete with mobile supremacy.

Last week, after many rumors about whether Facebook bought the Opera browser to launch its own browser, etc, if he worked to make its own operating system, or if he was planning to launch its own smartphone, surprises us with Facebook Home, a small step in its mobile strategy, from my point of view very clever, allowing you to experience a first MVP (minimum viable product) of its mobile future, because with minimal investment compared to the other options discussed, can master the mobile experience some few phones that can install, all Androids (the most widely used operating system) high end, plus exclusive First HTC model for $ 99.00, which will come with pre-installed Facebook Home.

And what is Facebook Home? Mariano Amartino explains it well and in the video you can see more, but not more than a laucher, a program that opens when you start your phone style portals or formerly telecom operators, or as the Samsung TouchWiz, but gives center stage to Facebook, and our friends through news feed full screen and this the home screen and waiting, placing them above the apps and features of the phone itself in importance, as though not quite all, prioritizes facebook over rest. In addition, private messaging integrates Facebook and SMS, which clearly intends to displace Whatsapps, Line, Skype and others, making ubiquitous Facebook messages in any app that we use a very interesting with the Chat Heads.

It is certainly a risky gamble by Facebook, pretending to her change as we enter to our mobile phones, and our experience with them and see if there is an audience as loyal to Facebook who take a significant, although not had a overwhelming success, as predicted Enrique Dans, I do not think need thereof, because with this bet Facebook simply placing a finger, before putting the whole foot.

And probably will not use it worldwide, because it is only for Android, and only the latest models, although there are versions before release of April 12 to install it on other models, but I do not think it matters, because if has good reception, and will have been a great success for them, to encourage them to develop their own mobile phone, although in this case either a fork or your own Android mobile OS, because they have proven that Facebook and the relationship with our environment and friends, it makes sense even beyond the web to go where we go and with priority. Now it remains to see if successful Google reactions based on creating something similar G+, Gmail, etc as Dolores Reig says or Apple, Blackberry or Microsoft do not know how will not having own social network.


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