Creating community around your blog

Creating community around your blog
Creating community around your blog

When you write a blog, and you do it every day as you read this, one of the best things you can get through it is to create community around.

And the concept is extended to any company or business online. Not the same to create a blog or a website, to create a community. The community is an intangible and ethereal, but very valuable, because it is composed of people, human beings, and therefore the most valuable asset. We all belong to multiple social communities, the people, the association, the neighbors in your building, the group of friends, the supporters of a football team, fans of an artist, etc, but here we will focus on those can be created from a blog.

It’s people who follow you, you is loyal, who sympathizes with you, which is reflected in you or just like what you do, say or think, or not necessarily agree with you, does not want to stop reading you and know your opinion, and likes to be in touch with you through this simple means of contact that we have created, coincidentally in blog format.

But the community goes beyond the content management tool that is the CMS of the blog itself, because it represents the subtle sense of belonging to a group, a group of people, and as such, can be fostered, see, for eg

Creating awareness: making it real, just naming the community as such, when direct you to her, showing that already exists and that we ourselves are the first to take it into account, both the community, and to each and every one of members, active and essential part of the whole that makes sense of this.

Give protagonism: Another way to promote it and praise it, is to make visible its members collectively and individually, and to highlight the way they deserve. forms:

WordPress Widget My Community, allows a member who has and click on the Continue option, your avatar appears along with other followers.

Facebook Like Button, also showing the faces of people at some point said they like your Facebook page, the blog, because you should have a Facebook page.

Recent comments widget, showing so there is not only community but also provides active and interacting with you and the other members.

Emphasizing community, as I can be doing in this post, although indirectly, because you are important to me. But you can also appoint one member in particular, for whatever reason, both for their feedback because it has contacted us, for your faithfulness, for your questions or against opinions or interesting and noteworthy contributions or for what believe appropriate.

Inviting them to participate: Giving walk to participate and be an active member with full rights, for example:

Leaving the end open to participation, with questions you have about a subject, they are likely to respond better than you, or because there is always a subject who controls, or many of them, more than you, though you be the you write .., or because you are interested in the joint opinion in writing, to contrast your own opinion, but this does not have to be limited to just ask her to comment on a post.

Create surveys with specific questions and interesting you can easily express your opinion count and with minimal friction, a click.

Creating physical events, where to meet, and meet you in person, beyond the blog and digital interaction. The digital is great, but physical contact is a quantum leap in any relationship, and in the case of communities to achieve an end that same sense of belonging and cohesion within a group.

Allow write articles as guests, though it may sound strange to some popular blogs usually do and is also a way to get more content rich and diverse way of promoting this equal members and show that all are equally important.

Interviewing for the reason that you believe appropriate, whenever the interest of the community. Because he has achieved something, because you think his opinion may be of interest.

Providing exclusive benefits to its members, allowing them to feel special and unique community beneficiaries and their advantages.

Thanking his presence, participation and loyalty. Being there as part of the community and support what you do.

And many more ways of encouraging it .. You help me to complete the list? Sure community managers here in the room I can help out ..


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