Different ways to monetize Internet video through advertising

Different ways to monetize Internet video through advertising
Different ways to monetize Internet video through advertising

The video is a resource that has been slow to find ways to make it profitable Internet. Initially, being of greater weight format, with really large files, compared to others such as text, image or sound. But thanks to streaming reproduction method and compression algorithms, it is becoming more possible weight reduction in the files, making it increasingly easy: store, move, and transfer and play video content, higher quality, and even in HD (High Definition).

But this technical revolution has not come alone, and video benefits have wanted to be used by the content industry and have quickly sought ways to make it profitable, because their cost is still the highest.

This search for audiovisual content monetization has resulted in countless formats, let’s look at some:

Pre-Roll, Mid-Roll, Post-Roll: They are perhaps the most widespread and is a short video showing 10 to 30 seconds before playing the video to see if the Pre-Roll, in the middle video as in the case of the Mid-Roll, or after the end like the Post-Roll.

Overlay ad: typical horizontal banners are overlapping over the video, usually appear on the bottom and allow disposal clicking on a cross your right corner also has an opacity of 80% and is usually about sizes of 480×70 or 300×60 pixels.

Video seeding: These strategies usually contained video Viralization brand, or they have a commercial interest, as a promo for a movie a teaser for an ad that claims to be viral etc. Also enter here the video portals grow with interest and that their videos are seen by more potential users.

Branded content: Here come many forms of monetization, because the “branded content” aims to create content of a brand to be consumed, so that the brand is associated with a feeling or quality getting loyalty, so this would take perhaps many of the other as being the target itself content distribution using the other techniques.

TrueView: Is video advertising placed before a Pre-roll, with the peculiarity that if the user wants can skip it, because it is not mandatory viewing, in theory this allows users to see only the ads that interest them and to close the they are not interested, and that therefore only be charged for those who are really full, and not to be ignored, but I have my doubts about its efficiency.

In the end, as each platform will choose a path, and the most common payment models are the CPV, which is charged for video displays and eCPM which is charged for each video in print embedded player, sometimes in self-play. Sometimes these players combine brand videos, branded content type, with ads pre-roll mark.

In any case, the most common to use this type of revenue through advertising, is either to have a site with so much traffic to embed their video player, or else be a creator of content in video format, to provide a platform for original content or video social network to be viewed by others allow users to monetize through advertising platform that is embedded in the text or shown around and providing a revenue share that occurs as a result of advertising of his views.

Do you guys have already tried some of these routes of monetization? What I have been most profitable and how? Have I left some who believe it important?



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