Internet is not a sales additional channel, it may end up being the only

Internet is not a sales additional channel, it may end up being the only
Internet is not a sales additional channel, it may end up being the only

We those who are very involved in Internet, sometimes we want to evangelize and try to convince all the people around us who have very traditional companies, or just something entrenched in the past and without a hint of renovation, to giving the jump to Internet , that the Internet can be very beneficial and can bring them sales and business. But often, all that is left to the receiver of the message is: “The Internet can be a sales additional channel.”

What is not fully understood, it is not that, but Internet in many cases, will be the only existing sales channel for that business. And efforts, strategies, and his whole modus operandi of always and all he knew until now to get customers, it will do little or nothing in this new environment, and that when ecommerce is fully established, and practically only consume physically beer, coffee or meal bar or restaurant, when we go there because there is no choice and little else, will have to realize and get going, but then it may already be too late. Because even in these cases, we will not go to a bar just because their food or treatment are good as it was until recently, but also because the company will be present in our daily digital environment, or when I search I highlighted.

What I mean by this is that every day there are less excuses you and anyone for not being present on the Internet, which is a very traditional business, or very outdated you think your customers are, sooner or later if you plan to follow and not close, you have to immerse and integrate digital as well on it, because it depends, not only as a sales channel more, but perhaps as the only one, so if you have not done your homework you might arrive something later, and that your competition has you in advance, and you get more complicated head, or directly and you have run out of play.

Maybe it sounds like a threat, but the intention is not that, but to warn and advise who will doubts still remain, it is not an option now but surely the option. Not to mention the mobile and m-commerce. But that, we left for another post, I do not want to digress.

So, whether your business whatever, and want to delve into the Internet, you would say:

  1. Study how you can begin to see that you could make your business online.
  2. That would be best to start: a corporate website? to blog? in store? with a presence in social media ..
  3. Who will take responsibility for this digital strategy. But do not underestimate a kid thinking that anything you do is enough, take it seriously, because as you say can be your future.
  4. Study your close competition does, both physically, as in your sector.
  5. Set goals to achieve tangible results, and begins to work for it.
  6. Read online all you can about it, blogs and so on, learn as you are able, on the Internet there is a lot of information available on how to do things. You can start by asking what a search engine does not know, like a people, until you expect me to answer.
  7. If at first you do not know where to start, ask a professional to advise you to avoid beginner mistakes.
  8. Iterates, pivots experimenting, trial and error, preferably low cost.
  9. It’s all about spending money, the Internet often can get free or cost much ridiculous to begin with, at first keep that in mind and take advantage of it, from discount vouchers until trial periods or free training resources online or in person.
  10. Keep your eyes wide open, in the digital fast everything changes and you should be aware of everything and be able to come on.

If you have friends in the situation that I describe, share with them the post, to see if it helps us out cheering us all.



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