SEO not as good as it looks

SEO not as good as it looks
SEO not as good as it looks

Lately I reach my ears reviews of people, usually in this Internet newbies who think that SEO is the greatest wonder, and in extreme cases, thanks to the alienation that leads to live under the monopoly of the great Google and its network of faithful entourages, the poor come to confuse SEO with online marketing, I’m sorry, but no.

SEO is not the same as online Marketing

And although for most professionals are saying one obvious absurdity, for some who still need to hear it and start over today, and understand that SEO, much as is done continuously free advertising on SEO blogs and events, and Google by extension and bombard us daily about your benefits and wonders, as that is what we must do to “succeed online” (allergy phrase ..) only and must be a part of your online marketing strategy, because the more you spend the more you are neglecting what is truly important in your business.

The SEO as the only marketing strategy, it is usually a failure

For some types of online business, directory style, where there is ample content to index, not much to offer but said semi static content, and many options for loyalty by registration, and other communication channels. Perhaps in such cases, the SEO is one of the things, not the only, but perhaps things that are important, because otherwise it is difficult to get traffic to monetize later. But the rest of Internet projects, most are hundreds of ways to reach your audience and what is even better made ​​and make customer loyal or as Julio Alonso said in parishioner, instead of paratrooper. If you bet on the SEO as the only marketing tool and as usual it absorbs all the time in the world, you’re leaving out all the other better ways to achieve your goals blinded by the power of the great seeker.

That you can bring SEO traffic means no sales become

If you get traffic from search engines, you have not achieved your goal, unless your project is of content, portal or blog type bands and also advertising space volume (CPM). Because otherwise, the SEO has to do so instead of bringing volume because yes, bring qualified visitors, that is, if I sell whatever I’m interested in coming to my site, traffic interested in buying that product, not people who are curious about the components or the history of that product, or worse, because then I’ll be bringing people who do nothing but go and generate statistics on my high bounce rate, because they find what they sought.

Stop being so SEO, make a better product and communicate, you’ll see results

If instead of SEO, invest in product and manage to have a product / service better than your competitors and solves a real need to your potential customers and you are also able to communicate properly and get to who cares, traffic and customers alone will reach, by magic and will always be more qualified than you get from search engines and will be much more likely to repeat and be faithful.

If you trust only of Google Analytics, you’ve fallen into his trap

As I said in another post: As Google Analytics plays with data and information, Google Analytics is one of the most widely used analytical tools, more powerful in free mode, but not in vain Google has made such efforts so that we can consider as such, because everyone knows that if we use, has a voice to say what is true and what is not and manipulate information and our perception of reality to believe that we are more dependent than Google and somo to think that we are nothing without Google and could survive. And that is an absurd fallacy that many have believed and accepted as true.

SEO is not free

Your time is worth money, you should already know, and if you repeat the SEM is that it costs money, and that SEO is free, spend the day dedicated to SEO, only serves to make what would be worth your salary, you spend body and soul to create an activity like SEO, which ultimately may not give you as much as you thought, and therefore investing’re the only recourse you may have, or at least always the most precious of all you have, in working for others (like an omnipotent search) rather than truly for you, or for your project or client and profit for real.

As that you invest, you’re going to depend on the future

This is like saying, “what you want, find” green cars if I look on the street I assure you will find many green cars on the street, if I look pregnant as happens to pregnant, of course I will find.

For business and online marketing occurs equally in the direction you focus on results and therefore you enter a vicious circle, but eventually dependerás more aspects where more invest.

If you invest all your efforts and resources on SEO, you will depend on Google, and your business too, and the day you change your algorithm as you usually do go back, because your strategy is based on a third party, who is also capricious, and not in yourself.

If you invest social media, will invest in your community and you will depend on it, but has great benefits and value, if you invest in communication depend on your message and how you are able to reach your audience, if you invest in quality depend on your product and the benefits you offer to the rest, if you invest in branding depend on your brand. Invest in yourself and one of your main resources is your brand, either personal or your business, you are depending on your brand and yourself, and in all cases the best choice by far.



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