Qualitative leaps in startups

Qualitative leaps in startups
Qualitative leaps in startups

When you start with a startup, you start something new, and it all starts from scratch, has a point of illusion, another of innocence and a lot of expectations, but most have a feeling, which I like very much, which is that of: It’s everything to make. As time goes on, you progress in the project, but this progress if you avoid it can not be linear. And if so, you’re in danger of stalling and not ever becoming really important and noteworthy, but one more.

The idea of qualitative leaps in startups, for me has always been present before beginning, and referred to in your everyday life you have to make an effort, not only to continue working and would continue to grow as the hairdresser, or the corner grocery store in your neighborhood, but in giving effect blows to produce a qualitative leap in the path of your startup. To better understand it, is basically what then over time you might consider noteworthy milestones that have united as points you get where you’re allowed at that time, or you want to be in a few years.

For that, the long view is essential and also set ambitious targets. And I speak not only of economic goals, but also on product, competition, physical and otherwise.

To reach the summit of a mountain, first you have to propose it, and the same way to get to become something great, you have to think first, and you have to want to, and then after much effort, how to find do. Usually if you ask a lot yourself, get more, although it may seem obvious.

Once done the initial effort, usually sweet, everybody congratulates you and everything is wonderful, then you have to keep reinventing yourself every day and a great way to do it constancy, but not only constancy makes you stand out. To highlight and go far, you need to draw a map of points that represent major targets of these differences that you get away from the rest, and in a relevant way, and they give you a real advantage that puts you at a safe distance the market. Here are some that we can use:

MAJOR AGREEMENTS: Many times, these jumps can come to agreements with major players, which in principle would have reason to keep you in mind, but to whom they can offer something that you don’t have and attractive enough to buy from you. In these agreements, sometimes, would not necessarily be no money involved, perhaps you could offer visibility, reach an audience that you can not get your startup budget, the input of another senior partner or competencies covering not reach you, and together you come any further, and so on.

For example in Spain, comes to mind Idealista.com got agreements with major publishers, which earned him a qualitative leap. Or the recent agreement GeeksPhone with Telefónica and Mozilla to set Firefox OS.

MAJOR CLIENTS: Other times, customers may be to achieve a range that would not be achievable in principle for you. Pointing to them with some courage and seeing what they need in order to be attractive to them your product. Developing your product features that only they can appreciate, because you know them in your customer base other will follow.

Examples close to me that I can think for example, that would be our friends Pidecita with their product Booktitit with clients including: ThePhoneHouse.

EXPAND YOUR BUSINESS: You could also settle elsewhere in germinal form, although you did with a virtual office, or through some collaborators, or get position there through a particular strategy of collaboration, although it was not accompanied by a financial outlay, or available in other language simply volunteer translators.

What comes to mind cases like Automattic, the company behind WordPress or Atlassian, which develops BitBucket (Github competition) among other products, both being physically in their respective countries, have a global network worldwide.

COME ON: When talking about vision not only ambition I meant also to dare to go ahead of others, overturning to the market as a gamble what you think will be the next sector demand. And since a startup that has a greater reactivity to a large multinational, if not you guessed right at all, you can pivot faster, since the consequences most likely, is that they are minors. From first may seem risky, no doubt, but who strikes first strikes twice, and if you spend some effort to see the trends, you can to some extent see what goes next highlight, so that it can offer.

I can think as an example: Feedly, which seeing as was seen coming that Google Reader would drop, after drop Feedburner, have achieved a qualitative leap, getting only one day more than 500,000 users, anticipate and deliver just what users need when you need it.

In short, and as always from the little experience that I can have, I think what you should do is always:

Aim high and fight for big, small it usually comes later.

Can you think more examples or ways of making these qualitative leaps in Startups?



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