Innovation as marketing tool

Innovation as marketing tool
Innovation as marketing tool

If marketing is composed of the strategies and techniques that a company uses to sell more, and one of them, and increasingly powerful, is communication and therefore the content and concept of “content marketing” as of today. One way to generate almost inexhaustible own original content to attract your potential customers is to start at the base of your business, and offer products and/or innovative services, so that in itself newsworthy, by involving their single contribution existence and therefore are feasible to be mentioned both by you and by your immediate environment and potential media, blogs and social networks.

Innovations in a company, although not a cheap strategy, because it represents a significant additional effort and dedication of resources that might not even have, should try to be part of the DNA of companies. So that we were always trying to anticipate what is to come, as I said the other day in the post of the theory of waves of the Internet, to be always on the crest of the next wave.

And is that innovation is a double weapon, because not only improves our competitiveness for the product/service in distancing itself from the competition and attract customers these advantages, but are also extremely exploitable level of communication and marketing, because they bring free publicity and notoriety, we know that if properly managed, can transform progressively part of our investment in marketing innovation investment.

We just have to see companies we all know and have innovation as a banner, as it might be: Apple, that whenever the slightest movement makes the whole world echoes and talk about it, not to mention Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc etc…

The thing is complicated when you have a commodity-type product, unable to differentiate themselves more than the price, because if you factor innovation should be only for the price, can be quite limited, but still, there are examples that only with the price you can innovate.

A clear case for me in Spain, could be the social network Tuenti and strategy of virtual mobile operator Mobile Tuenti (I leave an invitation) that emerged in the social network, after the acquisition by Telefónica. Being that its user base is very defined, both in age range, such as socio-demographic profile, and localized. Know perfectly their needs, so a very intelligent innovate in pricing and offer some affordable plans to suit you and with much sense: 6 € for 1Gb and 3cent/min calls. Something innovative as they decided, offering clarity in rates, the number of Internet download more optimal for your niche, for a really affordable price, and downplaying the price of calls, hence no wonder they have arrived to 100,000 users already.

But not only top social networks can innovate, another example close to us, is the mobile app GOW, by Valencian company Weartech, and developed by our friends Develapps, AdLemons collaborators, who since winning the prize for the best app of the year 2012 of Spain, has not stopped receiving media mentions and awards, most recently a finalist in Bluetooth finalist in the Breakthrough Awards – CES13 of Las Vegas, something that certainly will give them the push they deserve international. And all this, betting on making a quality product, but mostly as a marketing innovation.

Do you agree? Can you think of more examples?


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