Theory of Internet waves

Theory of Internet waves
Theory of Internet waves

Today recover a very interesting article I read in Hiperpersonal, Sixto Arias’s blog concerning the Internet waves. In which Sixto talk that the recent history of the Internet could be explained in three waves. The first is where they belong: Yahoo, Amazon or Google, and that Spain would have to Eresmas, Ozu, and I would add to Terra and, to name some.

The second Internet, social Internet is where social networks take the lead, with Facebook at the head. In this social Internet is also: Twitter or Linkedin to emerge totally new from scratch. But Google+ by Google, and I would add of Microsoft despite breaking into the market with all the support of some of the largest companies, stays on the road if you reach the public. In this wave would have to Tuenti in Spain and Minube, to highlight a couple.

To continue, according to Sixto says:

“Facebook, which has had to pay a handsome sum of dollars to acquire Instagram and so get a foot in the third wave of the Internet, mobile. A Instagram does not mind having or not having a website and, relatively little tens of thousands of fans on Facebook … is purely mobile.”

And it’s totally true, I would add that Twitter by purchasing Vine, is on the same road, and Foursquare in this third wave would also, that despite being a social network, is more mobile than anything else, which would add to this wave the local component, which is attached to the phone and its location possibilities.

And also some very interesting comments in his post, is trying to discern what the fourth wave of the Internet, it is now .. and as I have ever commented on this blog, to innovate, one of the practices to be done is usually trying to see who will come tomorrow, to place before arrives there and of course before the others. As he says:

The fourth wave is the Internet of things, and of your dog. The same carrying grafted onto your skin a silly chip. A chip will soon be ready and tell you via your mobile phone if the animal has a fever, is fit or feel sad. Where is the nearest vet because he has hurt his leg or what I should buy for signs of malnutrition.

If all this can tell your dog, you will be surprised with what you have to tell your fridge, your car or your favorite bottle of wine from the Rioja.”

If this theory were correct and makes sense to me .. we could start thinking about where will the focus and the following business opportunities if we want to be where will be the next big players for them. But since we are talking about the future, not so easy to be sure what will come, and speculation at the moment is all that we are, as it will be: artificial intelligence, combined with big data, and the real time, every day since the computing and storage increases and cheaper costs, open new doors to take advantage of this huge amount of data, giving sense allow us to know, as far as we had never reached before .

Because, other bets, although do not just focus on the Internet are: robotics, although closely related to the technology that brings the Internet of things, not exactly the same. 3D printers, which will not take long to bring the next wave of piracy, and that this time will be physically and affect new traditional sectors hitherto stagnant, not yet touched by the ease of copying digital objects. And if we expand a little view: biotechnology, nanotechnology and genetic disruptive jumps that will change everything.

But and for you, what will be the next wave and why?


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