HappyOrNot: Internet valuations come to Real World

HappyOrNot: Internet valuations come to Real World
HappyOrNot: Internet valuations come to Real World

The other day I discovered HappyOrNot through its president Pekka Mattila. This is a gadget of Finnish origin truly original and innovative which I loved since I saw it, because it brings the Real World valuation model simplified and instant feedback that we use on the Internet. A simple idea in principle, but very powerful indeed.

When we see for example a video on YouTube, we can express our opinion with a click, although now have simplified their use of the 5 stars they had before with a simple: I like – I do not like. This is a model that works, because it requires little effort by the of the person who contributes his valuable feedback, and is very valuable information for product evaluation and the author of the work, and for the next visitors can see that others think the content with out even before giving the play button.

They are one of the “Internet inventions” that go unnoticed although very efficiently adds a layer of value to the works, people or things, and allows us to decide whether or not to see it as a user, if the content we are liked our audience, etc.. And all done via the least action possible: the click.

From HappyOrNot have captured this essence and bring it into the physical world, to get to know in the most simple and immediate: press a button between 4 options, which is the satisfaction of a customer, employee, or whatever the goal to know his opinion of the value a service or product.

And in Internet innovations appear continuously, and if we can detect them and take them out of context, we put them into another that make sense and make efficient a process is not, as satisfaction surveys, or complex and annoying evaluation processes. As a result, we have a success like this idea.



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