Analytics comes to Pinterest

Analytics comes to Pinterest
Analytics comes to Pinterest

Yesterday I found out by Mariano Amartino’s blog that Pinterest has launched its own web analytics to enable businesses to meet corporate site which is the impact of the use of social network and especially which is the amount of traffic sends.

Until now, despite having business section and allow checking the site, did not offer much more, and the hollow and the need to measure, it made ​​up for other alternative tools pulling against their API including: ReachliPinalyticsPinfluencerPinalyzer, etc.

Basically this new tool allows us to record and track activity on Pinterest in different ways:

  • View Pins made ​​by us
  • Knowing the number of people (Pinners) Pins made ​​from your site
  • Knowing the impressions received each Pin
  • View RePinners Repins and obtained
  • View the most popular and also what they RePin
  • Count the clicks received
  • And finally quantify the traffic you received from Pinterest

At first it seems an option quite complete, and certainly is an effort from this network to provide a tool that highlights your product and understand its utility allows for companies and businesses who want to dig deeper into their use, but as well Mariano said, is another tool you must to “learn” and to control to view the relationship between our dedication in this social network and its return on investment.

This effort, for example, other major social networks like Twitter and Instagram have yet, while it is a setback to the existing analytics alternatives will have to reinvent itself, because being bought by Pinterest is no longer an exit for them and existing an official tool, and it must be better or find a significant difference if they want to retain the business. An example of this is PinReach already went on sale the project and went to work at Google as commented in TechCrunch.

For my part, I have decided to try to our company account, and despite being verified from the first day he was released, we have not even available the option of switching to the new look you can see in the instructions, so the absence of confirmation, I understand that the deployment of the new functionality is progressive and should not have come to Spain, if someone can contradict or confirm, grateful to leave me a comment.


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