Communication is a cornerstone for success: Business Communication Model Canvas

Business Communication Model Canvas
Business Communication Model Canvas

This weekend I was able to get close a couple of times at Startup Weekend Valencia (Spain). As some may know, my company AdLemons, was the winning idea iWeekend of first of all, the iWeekend Barcelona 2007, and then came the second iWeekend that I organized in Valencia, and then followed for several years. Until a couple of years due to time and the demanding complete devotion to my startup, I have not only continued to organize and I collaborated on time. Still, I love this kind of event, always enjoy and learn a lot with them.

This weekend when I went to Startup Weekend Valencia I found, as a visitor, every day I have something lighter. And you can get an idea groundbreaking, great product, a great team, but as they are able to communicate, you’re dead.

And when I say communicate, I mean in every way, communication is not just talk and say things well said, is to reach your audience in the most appropriate taking into account all factors that surround the process: code, channel, emitter , receiver, content and context, so I’ll try to see it in detail and crumble in the case of startups like yesterday or many others from the business where communication is essential.

To illustrate, as an input, I decided to design a style Canvas Business Model Canvas, I have called: Business Communication Model Canvas, which I think are a little lighter these key concepts and their relationship, so that it can run consistently and conscientiously business communication or startups and get the most in terms of business.

Code: When you make a presentation has to speak in a language appropriate to the audience you are addressing (Receiver), for this you have to know that audience to detail, and if you do not know, it is necessary that you investigate, you know well how is that expected at the time, which has experience, and therefore you will condition your vision of yourself and your exposure, taking into account what you like least, and so on. Thus get adapt the code, vocabulary and language you use and which is aligned to the maximum, with the one to receive the message.

Channel: The channel is also important, is the “physical” way through which you get the message using the code above, in the case of yesterday, would be presentations, videos, animations, audio, oratory, etc.. Depending on the product and its features, it may be more appropriate for a video, or presentation, or neither, and instead make a visual demo and practice is the best channel to deliver.

Emitter: who emits the message, are you and all around you, and you have to introduce yourself and give the proper image to be perceived as you want, because as they say: There is no second chance to make a first impression . Beginning to show safety, avoid strange movements, and signs of weakness of nerves, proper attire, space management, and breaks and downtime, you say about yourself both orally and glimpse what you leave with the rest of aspects of your image.

Receiver: It is the goal of all communication reach and please the receiver because it is for him to whom you make all the effort and the communication process, and as we have said before in code, you must know thoroughly and investigate it but you know it in detail, and furthermore, at the time you’re there you have to have the finesse to observe and see how your communication is coming and if you detect failures in this as they could be interference, or noise in general misunderstandings, act quickly to avoid a failure in that preventing communication content arrives in a timely manner and as desired.

Content: It is also a key factor, as it is the essence of communication, is the message you transmit, why exists the rest. And what you want as Issuer is to reach the receiver, as we have said, has to have the appropriate channel and code, but in itself has to be well structured, focused my purpose to be concise and direct response to concerns that your receiver expects desveles him.

Context: The frame around the rest and that indirectly influences the whole process, not just as a conversation, presentation or communication takes place in a suitable and supportive environment, where you have the necessary elements in a adverse context, so it is in our power to establish and ensure maximum control of each of the elements that can affect us in the form of noise and interference or against propel and is the perfect packaging for our communication.

I hope it’s useful!



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