Mini-chronicle yesterday at Forinvest 2013

Mini-chronicle yesterday at Forinvest 2013
Mini-chronicle yesterday at Forinvest 2013

Yesterday began Forinvest, Investment Fair at the Fair of Valencia, Spain, and I was able to go to the subforum: Forinvest 2.0 Entrepreneurs dedicated to entrepreneurs and investing in startups. The day was full of familiar faces and it was quite entertaining and interesting in general.

The morning began with the intervention of Javier Santiso, founder of the venture capital fund of Telefónica Amérigo, also Talentum program to foster entrepreneurship, and conferences “Startup Spain” and professor at ESADE among others, with his talk dedicated to ecosystem entrepreneur in Spain and demolish myths about Spain and entrepreneurs. It was quite interesting, and oddly enough we have many complex among entrepreneurs, and hearing things that help us gain perspective and have a more comprehensive and ambitious way forward for, and I think it was especially able to convey to those who are starting spirits and energies needed to be encouraged to jump into the pool.

At the end of his talk, I had the opportunity to talk a little with him, and I enjoyed the conversation, and really gave me some advice that I appreciate and thank you, and more coming from someone like him, because few are in position so close and candid as he was with me.

Then came the panel discussion on investing in innovative projects consisting of: Jose Cambiedes of Cabiedes & Partners, Carlos Trenchs, Director General of Caixa Capital Risc, moderated by Fernando Diaz, Regional Secretary for Economy and Employment, it covered topics such as: standard errors they see that are committed in their invested projects, and constituting the main reasons for failure, mostly preceded by a lack of cash at any given time of the project, a not entirely efficient management of the initial capital, priorities in any investment such as the computer, and then the idea, and a series of data thanks to the moderator who knew more appropriate to ask questions and experience could both learn and establish some basic thoughts, and others not hurt to remember.

In the talk I keep with Jose Cabiedes for his speaking so clearly and say what needs to hear more than one, and with whom I exchanged a few words also very helpful.

To end the morning we had another roundtable on business accelerators and incubators, attended: Margarita Albors founder of the social incubator Socialnest, Gary Stewart, Director of the accelerator Wayra Telefónica, Juan Carlos Ariso Corporate Operations Director of Grupo Intercom, Enrique Penichet co-founder of the accelerator Business Booster, Jaime Esteban, CEO of, moderated by Toni Palau of Sinersis SCR.

In this table, I keep with interventions Gary and Enrique because I think were the leading contributors, in addition to the alternative viewpoint to everything said Margarita, by always being able to speak from the perspective of social entrepreneurship, which is based on objectives very different from the rest.

They all told a little of their models. but I missed some details in return for supporting entrepreneurs entering your network. If they talked about what types of projects could interest them more. they saw priority to choose them. and their experience in cases that have gone through their incubators, except for Jaime. that Lanzadera just starting, and have yet to experience. Juan Carlos was not very interested in putting at Grupo Intercom in new adventures seem to prefer to grow and promote projects internally. From what I understood, in Lanzadera, unlike Wayra or Business Booster, the initial contribution is in form of loans, not in return for a percentage of ownership as normal.

Later in the afternoon, I attended the presentations of the 8 startups of the 4th edition of Business Booster and the truth that although I told you in person Enrique Penichet. my congratulations to him and the rest of the team. both the organization of this first forum of entrepreneurs within Forinvest, for projects and presentations. because it shows that there is a great job behind, who have left no loose ends, and that the accelerators currently focused bring important knowledge and a level both in the selection of the best ideas from among all possible received. as more capable equipment to carry to fruition and greatly increase the odds of growing up fast and be invested. And I would have liked to me when I started, or many others like me, having had something behind.



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