Goodbye TweetDeck apps, hello to web version

Goodbye TweetDeck apps, hello to web version
Goodbye TweetDeck apps, hello to web version

Yesterday we knew that two years after Twitter bought Tweetdeck, multiplatform tool for managing multiple Twitter accounts, decides to leave to continue some of its applications, such as the desktop version: TweetDeck AIR, the iPhone version and version Android.

The reason, according to their official blog, is to focus on the web version and the new version of the Chrome browser. But for many the news was an unpleasant surprise. Incidentally, announces that at the moment, will still support native apps Desktop for Windows and Mac OSX, but with a secondary role.

If you think about it, it may make sense to focus on the development of an environment they dominate, such as the web environment, its versatility also allows customizable if done, incidentally also used in mobile devices. What strange perhaps, is that having already made ​​applications, stop and continue them removed from app stores, maybe could continue them being employees of the parent company or the same as the app develops official Twitter for iPhone. But they argue that these apps using the API 1.0, which will stop working since yesterday.

Perhaps it makes more sense that, as advertised, incidentally stop supporting Facebook, TweetDeck going to become so in the official Twitter app, and only for Twitter, for those who make more intensive use of this professional and social network and manages multiple Twitter accounts at once. Leaving a clear path to Hootsuite, which allows integrated management of different social networks, and that after buying Seesmic, not many rivals were already on the market, but after this news of TweetDeck, if it stays as a single clear winner.

Furthermore, note that Twitter, like any other companyhas no infinite resources, and what we know, have doubled their team in the last 6 months so surely it would make sense to focus its efforts on providing the tools currently analytics to TweetDeck, a feature as demanded by everyone, to make it the ultimate tool that offers official Twitter for professional use. What would justify all these current changes.



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