New redesign of the user profile page on Facebook

New redesign of the user profile page on Facebook
New redesign of the user profile page on Facebook

As Tristan Elósegui said yesterday on Twitter, Facebook seems that once again we will change the design of the timeline, as TNW discovered, and as Mashable provides images of the tests that are being made in New Zealand. And it is already going a few changes.., and as we said in this blog, in these cases, when we talk about services used by billions of people, small changes make big consequences.

Although in this case it seems that the changes will not be very drastic, we will see a bit of detail:

Header: The simplified, from boxes with faces of friends in common, thumbnails of the latest photos, map location of the user and others, a few simple meters below the main photo, which reminds me perhaps more to Twitter.

Timeline: The highlight I think it’s going from 2 columns (or double column) to 1 column (excluding advertising column on the right that remains) to display the contents of the user’s timeline. Because the central column was previously double and the time line in half, but still now today was something I never really like at all.

New Column: With this new redesign, reducing Timeline column, a new column to the left, starting with the user’s bio, and it seems that the boxes contain user activity on the applications you use, the order to give them more protagonism.

Like: When the user indicates that he likes a page seems that now will see a big box on the timeline of his profile, with a Like button so that we too may indicate that we like. The goal will be to increase understand that this figure, giving more prominence to the main action of the social network.

In the end I do not feel bad changes will make, although not definitive at all, especially the column to correct a double temporal individual, because many people who appreciate it was confusing.

And he certainly would return the argument about whether changes are needed and many others, and that if they have to justify the salaries, but in my opinion do nothing but a daily effort to improve from a nonconformity natural born, and the only thing perhaps it would be reproachable is that modify so much and so often and publicly, but it is the only way to fully validate whether the new proposal created is valued and accepted by its users.

And you, what do you think these new changes?



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