5 Ways to be a top user on Twitter

5 Ways to be a top user on Twitter
5 Ways to be a top user on Twitter

Using daily Twitter, follow, follow you and see all kinds of users, and when you see a top-user with thousands or even millions of followers .. Sometimes you wonder: What is this? Why why so many people follow to this user? And after seeing these examples we can see that there are certain patterns and/or strategies to be a user of the Top of the social network of bird.

Of these strategies and the resulting profiles, we can see that predominates in this network and take it into consideration if we are to achieve that purpose, to be followed by thousands of users and even be considered influencer. With all the benefits and responsibilities that entails.

Let’s see TOP user types on Twitter:

  1. Popular offline: When a company, brand, person or character, were known already in the real world before entering Twitter, as are the famous, or personal brands consumer brands, etc. .. What causes it to go into Twitter, and especially by becoming verified account, reaching the top in very little time, to monetize its brand recognition, moving his popularity offline in online. In these cases, the ratio of followed/followers, is usually disproportionate, although the number of tweets is low.
  2. Hyper-Active: Users tweeting hundreds of times a day, talking about everything and everyone, responding to all and thanking each share etc. It shows in the counter of Tweets, which sometimes have figures that hurts the eyes to see them. It is very difficult to falsify the data of Tweets, unless it is a boot (automated script), in that case, we can easily see the repetition of the tweets from your timeline.
  3. Content curators: User with useful content, ie those daily surfers looking for information in the form of tweets but always with the property that is: original, interesting and/or a particular topic, and always share the best of the are better than both tweets and links to other blogs or news, garnering a loyal audience that expects each tweet yours to read, respond or make Retweet.
  4. Content creatos: Can be bloggers or journalists, both amateur and professional, to generate original content every day, high-quality, becoming an audience increasingly true as time goes on. Usually they are also often opinion leaders, followed by masses, which take into account what these leaders say influencers, generating a lot of interaction and impact, reaching positions in #Discover and being the star of Trending Topics news.
  5. Buying users: Finally, do not rule out that there is malpractice in the sector, and that there are times to become “important” in Twitter’s who uses the easy way of buying users to inflate the figure. In these cases, we can see how if you have a large number of followers, no interaction with these, no recognition on his part, because there are users who have an engagement with the author that follow, therefore only matter at the level of first impression, but has little real value. Fortunately, very few this kinds of cases.

And you, what other Top user profile have detected in Twitter?



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